Friday, January 12, 2018

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer

Hello gorgeous!

As someone who works from eight to five, I try to find makeup that can last the day on my oily skin. One thing that has helped me achieve that is adding primer to my makeup routine. I usually look for primers that prolong makeup and it's a plus if they help my pores appear smaller, control oil, and help the whole makeup application process easier by making the skin feel smoother. I've tried more than a couple of dozens now and I'm still curious to try out more, but for now I'm using this...

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer

I was able to buy it from Althea PH for only PhP 280.00. Unfortunately, it's currently out of stock.

When I first saw this, I immediately thought "this looks so cool!" I like that the design looks like it's a video game. It reminds me of the classic Mario or Kirby games way back when I played the Super Nintendo console back in the '90s. It's nostalgic. I actually grew up playing video games and I still play a few games on my laptop and mobile. Haha!

The tube has the same design as the box. The bright and quirky design makes it stand out among my makeup collection. The tube is easy to squeeze to dispense the product out. The twist to open cap seals well. The packaging is pretty solid!

The labels are not in english and neither is the website. Good thing that the product description is translated when you check it out at the Althea website.

To summarize what the product claims, it promises to:
- Cover pores
- Moisturize and keep skin smooth
- Maintain makeup for a long time
- Control oil

These make the product sound like a dream! Woah! Anyway, let's check out the ingredients list.

This primer has silicone which explains how it makes the skin feel so smooth.

Here's how it looks:
It has a peachy-beige color. The consistency is creamy and smooth.

When spread, it becomes colorless. The area feels velvety! 

To see how it performs, check out the photos below:

Left: Bare skin
Right: with the product

It made my pores look smaller, like a blurring effect. It still looks like my skin and it didn't have any of those mattifying properties. 

The whole effect can be seen with the foundation. As you can see, the pores look much smaller. The makeup application was easy. I feel like the smoother finish add to the joy of adding makeup. 

However, I don't think it did anything on my sebum production. I still got oily within a few hours just like when I don't wear primer. Good thing though is it did help in prolonging my makeup. My makeup still looks decent even without blotting or retouching! I do have to mention that there are still instances that I encounter some caking but only on areas that I build up my foundation or concealer (mostly my jaw area) where I usually get my acne. I don't think the primer failed there. There are many things that might have contributed such as the foundation, the fact that I use acids to lighten the acne scars, and sebum.

Overall, I find this primer pretty good. I love how affordable it is (at least when I bought it) and still deliver pretty good results! It's something I would recommend if you're looking for a primer that won't hurt your pocket. Plus, I didn't cause me any breakouts nor irritations!

And those are my thoughts on the Elizaveca Skin Liar Primer! Have you tried this product before? What K-beauty makeup primers have you tried?


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