Sunday, January 07, 2018

December (2017) Haul — Yay for Christmas Shopping!

Hey everyone!

The holidays might be over but I'm still enjoying some of the things that I got from the events that happened last month. One of the things that definitely made me extra giddy last Christmas is the huge sales from different shop! Haha! I'm glad that we had extra money for spending so I was able to get some stuff for me to use. Let me share what items I was able to get so you know what to  expect on my future blog product reviews...

Marks and Spencer Shea Butter Cream Bath - PhP 350.00

Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Silky Talcum Powder in Rose - PhP 295.00

The prices I posted are their regular prices but I got these at 20% off. They had a promo which lasted for only three days on all regular priced items. The sale happened from December 25-27, 2017.

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water - PhP 547.25

I bought this at 45% off (regular price is PhP 995.00). It was on sale because it will expire on August. Well, I use makeup everyday and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish this by then. Haha! I love the rose scent so I couldn't resist!

Lalicious Sugar Tiare Flower Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub - PhP 325.00
Also on sale. Regular price is PhP 650.00

Creightons Vanilla and Macadamia Cocoon Hand Cream - PhP 220.00
Regular price is PhP 275.00

I am obsessed with this scent!! I used to have the shower cream too.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Limited Edition Deluxe Blur Primer - PhP 500+
I forgot the exact amount but this is regularly priced at PhP 799.00
(Bought online during the flash sale by the brand)

I also went shoe shopping!

These two I bought from Payless. I lost the receipt and I can't remember how much they were.

The next two were bought from Comfit, SM North EDSA. One is priced at PhP 1,299.00 and the other is PhP 1,499.00. I just couldn't remember which one is which. Haha! But there was a promo wherein if you buy 3 or more pairs,  the priciest one gets 10% off, the middle one gets 15% off, and the rest or those with the lower prices get 20% off. My mom also bought some shoes so we were able to avail the promo.

I also stepped inside the Yves Rocher branch at SM North and they had items at 50% off! Awesome! Found their Pure System line that's suited for troubled skin. I checked the ingredients and it's equipped with Salicylic acid is one of the acids I prefer when I need to take care of some of my pimples and scars. I posted the discounted price of each products I bought.

Yves Rocher Pure System Cleanser and Exfoliator - PhP 247.50

Yves Rocher Pure System Clarifying Toner -  PhP 347.50

Yves Rocher Gommage Scrub - PhP 445.00 (this one only has a 10% discount)

Also just wanna share my journal for this year. It features the artworks of the great Vincent Van Gogh! Bought this at Fully Booked for PhP 750.00.

I've always wanted the next product as soon as I saw this on the brand's instagram:
Holika Holika Eye Metal Glitter - PhP 595.00 each
I bought the two shades—Stella Dust and Rose Burst

Maybelline was also on sale so I bought a couple that I think I looks promising...
Maybelline Fit Me Matte Concealer - PhP 199.00
Maybelline Fashion Brow in Dark Brown - PhP 149.00
Essence Hi! Lighting Eyeshadow Mousse - PhP 229.00

Nichido Mineral Precise Eye Pencil in Walnut - PhP 138.00
Nichido Final Powder - PhP 150.00
Been seeing raves on the powder so I bought one to finally learn why.

I also bought a book from Booksale, SM San Lazaro! Got this for only PhP 270.00.

And finally, some purchases online from BeautyMNL!
I posted the prices of the products right now but I remember I bought them at a discounted price. I just don't have the list of prices when I bought them.
V&M Bikini Bomb Moisturizing Skin-Lightening Salve - PhP 395.00

Bath Junkies Strawberry Samba Groovy Bath Bar - Bought each for PhP 60.00 only before but regular price is PhP 150.00.

This one is a freebie I believe

Adding some oils on my night regimen:
Lumiere Organiceuticals Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil - PhP 999.00
Beaublends 100% Pure and Natural Rosehip Oil - PhP 400.00
Beaublends 100% Pure and Natural Tea Tree Oil - PhP 320.00

Triquetra Tea Tree Oil Antibacterial Bar with L-Glutathione - PhP 700.00
(bought for only PhP 199.00)

Cosex Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol - PhP 860.00
Bought for only PhP 774.00
Been seeing good reviews so I wanted to try this out too!

Imagic Pro-5 Camouflage Face and Body Cream Palette - PhP 550.00
Bought for PhP 399.00
I am in need of some color correcting so I bought this palette. :P

Not in this photo is a 50g Matcha Green Tea Powder from The Superfood Grocer which I also bought from BeautyMNL. I like that you can now buy Wellness items from them. You can find healthier food options and other organic products from selected brands.

And that's my haul! Let me know which one you'd like me to review first!



  1. The Nichido powder is good! I used it along with the 3WC Powder. :)

    From Manila with Love Blog

    1. I opened it a couple of days ago and it's so silky smooth! Can't wait to try it with the rest of my makeup! :D

  2. love to hear reviews from all of them, especially the rosehip oil and the sugar scrub.. i notice you pick out items for exfoliating and i love to know your favorite!!! :)

  3. Oh yes! I've been dealing with pimple scars and hyperpigmentation for a long time now. I'll write something about them as soon as I can! :D