Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Celeteque DermoCosmetics Eyebrow Defining Kit

Hey dears!

Since most of us in the Philippines are familiar with the phrase "kilay is life," I think it is safe to say that many who likes to apply makeup agree that having well-groomed and defined brows is important to achieving a great makeup look.

I have struggled in finding the right products to achieve this. I find that my brows are a bit tricky to work with because they aren't even and the hair is thick. Even the thickness from the inner half to the outer part is too different. And so, I've tried brow products in different forms such as pencils, powders, gel, and mascara. Right now, I'm somehow content with what I use to achieve a decent brow and that is that there should always be a brow mascara at all times but I still need another one to fill some spaces. So I try out different kinds like pencils, etc.

Considering that I've experimented with products and use more than one for my brows, I formed this curiosity (or fixation...?) to try and try products from different brands in various forms. I guess it's a good thing for a blogger to have that so I can share my experiences to my readers. 

Anyway, enough with my story and on today's main topic. It's about the...

Celeteque DermoCosmetics Eyebrow Defining Kit
A kit is worth PhP 600.00 each.

The Eyebrow Defining Kit is available in two shades—Medium Brown and Deep Brown. It is equipped with a tinted wax and an eyebrow powder. The wax will act as a base to shape and hold the powder for a longer staying power and will also help keep the brow hair in place.

Here are the labels on the packaging for the product details:

Céleteque® DermoCosmetics TM Eyebrow Defining Kit is a 2-in-1 formulation of a Tinted Wax and a color complementing Eyebrow Powder for well-defined brows.*

How Céleteque® DermoCosmetics TM Eyebrow Defining Kit works:
- Shea Butter and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E) moisturize and smoothen brows for a more well-groomed look
- Argan Kernel Oil gives the product a smooth texture for an easy-to-blend application

Celeteque is a skincare brand first before it branched out to cosmetics, so it doesn't surprise me that they add some ingredients that benefits the skin in their makeup as mentioned in the product description above.

This kit is equipped with a double-ended applicator. The thinner angled brush is for the wax to create a more defined shape, while the thicker end is for the powder for blending and filling-in the brows. I rarely use this though because I find it too small so I usually use my personal angled makeup brush/es.

It's also equipped with a mirror that makes the kit handy for travel! The compact has a clean aesthetic because of the white color and the simple and slim compact. The makeup shade on top is the powder and the one at the bottom is the wax.

Now let me share with you the swatches of the two shades...

First is Medium Brown

Left to right swatches: wax, powder, and combination

And this is Deep Brown. 

Left to right swatches: wax, powder, and combination

Since I have dark brow hair strands, I use Deep Brown so the shade is closer to my brow hair color. My current hair (on my head) is not colored either so this shade is a better choice.

Bare brows

With the product

Errr... I still need to work on the blending, especially on the inner part of the brows. That being said, It was hard for me to make this look more natural for my brows. Maybe because my brows are just too dark? Maybe the shade is leaning to copper-red more. Maybe a grayish brown will suit me better. Hmm... but I guess a brow mascara could do the trick for that.

However, it was so easy to apply this. The wax glided smoothly and the powder was pigmented enough to fill the areas that needed filling. The powder combined with the wax creates a long lasting finish. It can last the whole day on me even with my oily skin. I also didn't encounter any irritations whatsoever (well, it is from Celeteque so I can only expect something that is skin-friendly).

I think this is a pretty decent product. I might have to pair it with a brow mascara but I think those who have thinner brow hair can work with this easier and create a much more natural-looking yet well-defined brow makeup. The good thing about it is you can experiment with it in finding the perfect brow look by trying out different ways to apply the wax and the powder. Like, you can create a defined arc with the wax from the middle to the outer corner, but the inner area of the brow doesn't have much wax so that it blends to your skin/contour easier because it's lighter in shade color. Well, that' just one suggestion. Go get creative! :) Price-wise though, I find the it is a bit higher than I would have expected but it is still within my budget.

And those are my thought Celeteque DermoCosmetics Eyebrow Defining Kit! Have you tried this before? What kind of brow product do you prefer using?



  1. To be honest, I think Celeteque makeup is priced too high. I don't know. I also don't like the packaging. Looks too clinical + cheap for the price.

    1. The prices are pretty high which really surprised me because their skincare is something I find affordable but good. Haha! The design could have been better I agree!