Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Makeup Experiment: Seiryuu (Fushigi Yuugi)

Hey loves!

I had two of my closest friends over last Saturday at my house to hang-out. We decided to do one of our makeup experiments once again. Gucci, my model for this look, actually suggested this idea to do a creative shoot once again. I think I've done my makeup experiments on her the most and I'm happy that she likes doing them! Haha! 

Anyway, we grew up watching animé, so when we were thinking of a look we could do, I had an idea to take inspiration from one of the shows we watched way back when we were in our elementary school days—Fushigi Yuugi. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this animé, but I remember that we make sure we're home before the show air either on the local channel GMA7 or the cable channel AXN. 

Since this makeup experiment should be creative, I didn't pick any of the main characters to draw inspiration from. I chose to pick from the beast Gods—Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko, and Genbu. I like that they represent beasts and elements which would make the whole creative makeup process more interesting.

When I asked Gucci which one she liked, it was down to Suzaku and Seiryuu. Why? Because Suzaku is hot while Seiryuu is majority blue (which is a favorite color). 

Anyway, here's a photo of what our experiment turned out. Just by seeing this, you already know which one we went for...

So yeah, we went with Seiryuu, the god of War. His beast form is a blue dragon.

Makeup by : Me 
Hairstyle : Gucci and me
Model : Gucci
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room 

This out-of-the-blue makeup experiment on a Saturday evening took hours to finish because we were all chatting and laughing at random things. Haha!

Since it's evening, we had to improvise with the lighting because the fluorescent light in my room is not enough to get decent photos using my almost 10-year old Nikon camera. Good thing our other friend, Christine, held up our phones flashlights for added lighting and we also placed my painting as the background.

I mainly used my gel eyeliner from Shara-shara and eyeshadows from Dior and Makeup For Ever on the details around her eyes and cheeks.

For the lips I used a black matte liquid lipstick at the corners and edges and the applied a gray shade at the center. I topped it off with a metallic purple and mixed it with a blue lipstick. Finally, I added glitters! 

I also added some blue streaks on her hair using a blue hair chalk from The Body Shop! 

I tried creating scales on her cheek for a reptilian vibe. I feel like I should have added more contrast to it.

The concept here is the right cheek (your left) is the human form of Seiryuu and the left cheek (your right) is when he is in the process of transforming to a dragon.  

The details on her left eye is like the fins or where the ears should have been on the human form. I had fun blending with the colors there!

So what do you think of this makeup experiment? We are thinking of doing the rest of the beast gods too. Any suggestions on the makeup we could do with those characters? Any suggestions on what to look we could create next?



  1. Must be really fun to make the look! Looove!

    1. It really was! I love doing makeovers with friends. <3