Sunday, September 04, 2011

Germany, Nivea and Schwarzkopf

Hello everyone! Yes, I still exist.

It's been a month since the summer academy I attended in Germany ended, and here are a couple of happy pictures (unfortunately, of myself --- too shy to ask if my classmates would allow their faces to be featured on a beauty blog haha):

Revlon Fuchsia lipstick all the way!
A guy classmate thinks I'm cute *only* when I wear red lipstick.
Yes that's a bag from Cole Vintage. Got praises from classmates from Macedonia, Ukraine and India!

Inside one of the churches.

Strolling around the baroque city of Eichstaett!

Construction - what a view!
With my best friend, who looks like a Japanese businessman.

At Nuremberg.

Now the loot:

I wasn't able to grab a lot of beauty goodies - because my studies were unbelievably hectic and we did a lot of traveling (and not shopping) - but I made sure I stocked up on two things from a land so far, far away:

1. Nivea (German version)
  • There's a little debate going on in Makeupalley about which Nivea is best - there are three variants manufactured in Thailand, Mexico, and Germany; I'm guessing the formula is modified depending on the climate/weather of the market. 
  • The German version is the original and apparently, it has the most fans in terms of effectivity and moisturizing power! Anyway, I can't really tell (because the one I received from Nivea Philippines works for me well too), but I bought four cans and 2 minis. These will last me for years and years! 
  • And I do love Nivea creme with a passion. It moisturizes hands and feet extremely well, like no other --- I had to teach my other Filipino classmates how to put some on their cheeks and hands because their skin was peeling due to the cold weather in Bavaria! 
  • Aside from that, it also heals chapped lips, calms frizzy hair, and, lo and behold, it also makes insect bites disappear! I always bring a tin in my bag =)

2. Schwarzkopf D-I-Y Haircolor
  • Black for my mom.
  • Browns for my sister (which she will review).
  • Blonde colors for me (to "lift" my black hair --- not sure if I will push through though, because I might get my hair colored at Azta Urban Salon instead of experimenting)



  1. German Nivea, I'd die now... :) I'm using the one manufactured in Thailand and I'd do anything to get my hands on the more liquefied formulation of this moisturizer.

    You're so lucky to score lots :)

  2. Haha! I'll let you know if I decide to sell off a tin. Looks like I bought too much, eek (when I don't use the creme naman all over, specific areas lang). Cheers! :)

  3. is there a difference with the Thailand made creme and the German one? Because there doesn't seem to be much difference. But the Mexico made one really if different.