Monday, October 31, 2011

My Bro's 'Pasalubong' from Shanghai

After 12 days in Shanghai, China, my bro, Kevin is back home!

He's one of the chosen students to join the student exchange program between UST and Fudan University in China (Go, go, Kevs!).

According to him, Shanghai is really beautiful. It's like "Asia's Paris" daw. There are a lot of places to visit, foods to try out and they have cool subway systems too! Kaya lang the food and other services there were expensive. :P
Anyway, because Kevs super loves us so much, he bought us stuff/ pasalubong from Shanghai! 

He got us scarves!!! Which, btw, are very cheap (Around Php70.00 when converted)! 

 These don't look worth 70 pesos!! Kaloka! haha! :P


 A bag to be shared by me and my sis, Trace. :D
And this one is for my Mom (which I will borrow every now and then... TeeHee.).

Kevs bought some for himself too, like shirts, a pair of shoes and a bag. 

Thanks for the cool pasalubong, Kevs! Good thing you got your female classmates to choose the ones you'll get for us! Haha! :D



  1. Bro is awfully sweet to get a bunch of girly stuff! :) Enjoy your goodies Dawn and Trace!

  2. love this!! i wish i have a big brother as well! :)