Saturday, February 03, 2018

January (2018) Haul

Hey loves!

Sooo... I was honestly trying to save money for travels that I have lined up for 2018. Unfortunately, I miserably failed this first month of the year because I splurged on new things. Splurged. Haha! I blame the new year sales and the clearance/end of season sales that I bought more things than I initially planned. Ugh. BUT I do love everything I bought... it's just that I bought too much of the same thing/s. In short, most are excess. lol

Anyway, here are the items I bought:

First off, I visited the store of Club Clio at SM North because I saw that they were having a 1 + 1 promo on selected items. I've been hearing positive things about their Kill Cover range. I was curious to try them out because I like high coveraged foundations and concealers because I want to hide my acne scars. I ended up buying their Conceal-dation, and since it was a buy 1, get 1 promo, I was able to get 2 of them. I also bought one of my favorite eyeliners. The super helpful sales attendant also told me that when my purchases reaches PhP 3,000, I get an eyeshadow palette. That's a pretty nice freebie and I'm only a few bucks short of 3k so I also bought another product from Peri pera—the Ink Concealer, which is like a corrector. I was eyeing the peach one but they didn't have a stock so I settled with the yellow.

Clio Professional Kill Cover Conceal-dation - PhP 1,650.00 (1+1 promo)
Peri Pera Ink Corrector (yellow) - PhP 460.00
Clio Professional Kill Black Waterproof Eyeliner - PhP 950.00

Then I saw that LUSH was having a 50% off on selected items too. I feel good when I smell something good so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take home some awesome smelling bath items from Lush and I get to take them home at half the usual prices. 

Berry Berry Christmas Solid Shower Gel - PhP 372.50 (Original Price - PhP 745.00)
Santa's Christmas Naked Shower Gel - PhP 337.50 (Original Price - PhP 675.00)
Bubbly Naked Shower Gel - PhP 372.50 (Original Price - PhP 755.00)
Twilight Naked Shower Gel - PhP 312.50 (Original Price - PhP 625.00)

And when I was passing by Mumuso while I was checking out Vertis North for the first time, I saw this super cute kitty plushie at their display window and I just had to have it! Haha! Hello to unnecessary purchases! Lol

Cute Cat Plush Toy - PhP 329.00

I also bought a few more items that are handy for my soon-to-happen travels:

Woolen socks - PhP 129.00
Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (my mom can't use chopsticks so she'll carry this around lol) - PhP 149.00
Dual Head Eyebrow Brush - PhP 99.00

I also dropped by FullyBooked and bought a few more unnecessary things because why not? Hahaha! Why do I do this to myself? Lol

Tokyo Finds Metallic Markers
A set of highlighters
Sticky Notes (the cat design looks like the plushie!)

I also bought this print copy of Injustice: God's Among Us (Year Three) for PhP 1,150.00. I already have years one and two. I dunno how far I'll buy this Injustice run because I've seen some spoilers and I don't really like what happens in the Injustice 2. I'm thinking of collecting Batman Rebirth though!

I also bought this handy travel brush from Beauty Bar for PhP 296.25 (Original Price - PhP 395.00)

My small brushes get ruined inside my bag and this one is just a genius product because you can fold it and keep it inside your bag without fear of ruining the bristles! It has a built-in mirror too!

Gourdo's was on sale too but I only bought the Linen Splash at 20% off (I like my bed smelling of roses). I just like turmeric tea once in a while and I also spoil myself with a bit of honey when I drink my black and green teas.

I don't know why but I also bought these My Melody stationeries. :P

Dorothy Perkins was also on sale so I bought these four items. The three of them were less than 1k (one was as low as PhP 299.00). The peach dress was around PhP 1,299.00 if I am not mistaken... All four items are discounted as low as somewhere around 50% off or more.

Nowwwww I present my BeautyMNL purchases. I bought THREE freakin' times. They had this clearance sale up to 80% off and then had another markdown. Ugh. Not all of the items I bought were on a discount though. You can visit the website for the prices.

V&M CPC+G oil
V&M Rosehip Oil

Hemani Tea Tree Oil

Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring
I'm a fan of this. To be honest, I stopped using for a while because this can be time consuming to use. But now that I have more free time, I'll go back to the cleaner and less pain way of waxing! I have reviews of their products here and here

Nude Handmade soaps 
I have Turmeric and Tea Tree bars and an Olive Face Bar
I was able to buy them as low as PhP 46.00 each!

Bulgarian Rose Cream Soap - I bought this for my mom because it was on sale for PhP 150.00
The Soap Island Cooling Tea Tree All-Natural Handmade Soap

Triquetra soaps were also on sale. They were priced as high as PhP 900.00 and was on sale for around PhP 150.00 (i think). I was curious as to why they were so expensive and I bought two bars... -_-

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Detox  Bar with L-Glutathione
I bought this to help even-out my skin and hope that some acne scars can lighten too

Tea tree soap
OKAY. So by now you can see that I've been buying so much tea tree. Well, it's because they keep my breakouts at bay. 

I also bought some of the well-reviewed COSRX acids because they were also on sale at BeautyMNL. I got both the BHA and AHA. I was thinking of using the BHA on my face and the AHA on my back, chest, and shoulder area where I experience some acne too.

iMagic 5 Camouflage palette

Hana Soft and Smooth Shampoo in Pink Roses and Berries Scent
I bought this because a friend of mine raved about this when she was given this by her boyfriend's mom. Haha! She was surprised at how soft her hair was when she used it that she recommended it to us. And what do you know... it made my hair extra soft too!

Phew! And those are my purchases! And I think I know what you're thinking... WHAT THE HELL IS WITH ALL THESE SOAPS?! Yeah... I'm thinking that myself. Haha! Happy showering I guess.


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