Monday, February 12, 2018

Witch's Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer

Hello dearies!

I'm currently in the process of taking better care of my skin. So far, I have seen improvement but there are still a lot of scars from acne on my face. I want to hide them so I've been trying out different concealers lately. I already have my trust Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, but I want a stick concealer that I can bring with me in my vanity bag for touch ups. I saw this concealer at AltheaPH that was very affordable so I bought it! Haha! I usually check reviews but I was just excited to try something new that I didn't bother to check reviews. Lol

Witch's Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer

I bought it for only PhP 88.00 from its original price of PhP 249.00.

I bought this like half a year ago and unfortunately, the product has been discontinued according to Althea's website.

What attracted me to this is it's slim form and that it's a twist-type product. I don't need to sharpen it and it's slim enough to be travel friendly.

I don't normally do direct application with this, but if you do, it's easy to target the spot you want because it's just like a pen. 

The design of the twist-up packaging is clean but I love the youthful choice of font.

The shade i have is LB=Light Beige. The other shade available is Natural Beige.

For the price, the amount of product you get is very generous!

Here's a swatch. 
The texture is smooth and it feels lightweight and a bit buttery. It's mildly scented too.

Here's how it performs on my under eyes:

It easily covered my undereyes. What I like about this is that it feels so light and it doesn't look thick and cakey which I've noticed happens to me frequently with stick concealers.

Here's how it performs with acne marks:
It covered the scar but there's still a trace of the scar. This scar isn't even big or as dark as some of the ones I have on the jaw area. The coverage of this concealer is medium but buildable, but only to an extent. 

Since it has a buttery texture, it moves pretty easily when you touch the area so make sure you set it with powder to keep the concealer intact. 

I like using this for the under eyes as it doesn't cake and it feels light. Since this stick concealer is pretty slim (and initially has a pointed tip), it's handy to use when you want to clean up your lips and brows. It blends easily too so it's a great tool for touch ups.

And that's all for the Witch's Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer! I hope this post was helpful!


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