Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Initial Thoughts: Magnetic Lashes

Hello dearies!

When I saw my friend, Helen of Lucky Citrine, post an ad on Facebook selling her once used magnetic lashes set, it only took me only a few seconds to tell her that I will take it. I've been so curious about magnetic falsies, but not interested enough to actually look for a set to buy. The opportunity was just perfect because a friend would like to part with a pretty new set and I'm willing to take it to try it out once and for all. I know Helen and I trust how she handles products so I don't really mind that she has used this before. It's magnetic anyway, unlike the classic falsies that you have to use glue to stick them on.

So here's the product...

The lashes are just half lashes. Meaning it doesn't cover your whole upper lash line. I usually cut my falsies because I don't like the feeling of wearing the false lashes on the area around the inner corners. That's also the usual spot where my falsies "malfunctions" in a way that the glue isn't sticking the lashes on my lids anymore. So I just cut the lashes there so that I don't get the discomfort anymore.

Helen bought this at Gladking at 999 Mall for PhP 180.00.

First of all, I didn't expect this cute packaging for such an affordable price!

There are tiny magnets where the lashes attach to so they stay in place. It makes the set easy to carry with you when you travel.

The lashes have different length which I think looks more natural than those who have the same lengths or gradually getting longer in a perfect order. One side of the lashes is also longer and I wear the longer side on the outer corner of my eye.

You see the photo above? The darker one shows how the lashes look when you stick the magnetic lashes together. The right one is one falsy without its pair so you can compare how thick it looks when you stick them together.

Here's how my eyes look without and with the falsies so you can compare. The eye on your left is without the magnetic falsies and the right is with the falsies.

At first I had problems putting them on because I can't seem to place them close to my lash line as I want them to. I don't like putting something near my eye (unless its mascara or eyeliner) so I tend to close my eyes too tight that one side of the lashes don't touch the lash line as seen on the photo above.

But when I finally get it right, it looks great! It's like I'm wearing false lashes without using glue (which can irritate your eyes) and it's just easier to use.

It takes practice to put the lashes on perfectly. Before it takes me around 2-3 minutes to finally put them on but now it only takes a couple of seconds to put a pair together! Literally a couple of seconds! Instant ganda!

To make them stick together and not make them slip off your lashes, apply mascara on your lashes to add volume to your hair lash so that the magnets can stick on something. I guess a volumizing mascara is a better choice to use.

And since I apply mascara on my lashes before I wear this, I make sure to clean my falsies. I use my Laverne Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizer.

It removes any traces of mascara and sanitizes the magnetic lashes so that they are ready to be worn again.

I'm glad I was able to try it and I really like using these magnetic false lashes. Now I'm willing to try different designs. They are just easier to use because you save time and you don't introduce chemicals near your eyes, plus it's affordable. It's a win-win! 

Have you tried wearing magnetic lashes yet? What are your thoughts?


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