Friday, February 23, 2018


Hello beauties!

Here's a quick swatch of a product that I bought when I traveled to Tokyo last year, but I only opened this a month ago...

BCL Browlash Ex Slim Gel Eyeliner Pencil (2mm Ultra Fine) Hello Kitty Edition

The shade is Deep Black.

I'm a huge fan of Japanese eyeliners, but I use liquid eyeliners more often than pencil types. I bought this because of the cute packaging (Kitty is just too cute to refuse) plus it's a limited edition! I remember that it's not too expensive so I didn't stop myself from taking it off the shelf.

Product description from

An eyeliner pencil with a deep color finish like a gel eyeliner. Its 2mm ultra sharp pencil tip allows an easy drawing of lines in any thickness. High resistance to sweat, water, and sebum, leaves your lines long lasting all day long. Available in Deep Black, and Deep Brown color, while stock lasts.

As mentioned, I really like the packaging. It's the usual pen eyeliner look but it has a design that's in purple. There's Kitty, flowers, cupcakes, and the classic cursive font used in the character's merchandises. 
The cap seals tightly and the pen is slim so it doesn't take up much space in your vanity kit.

The pencil is a twist-up form so there's no need to sharpen. 

I know that some prefer sharpening their pencil liners to create thinner and more precise lines. What's great with this one is that it's slim so you can achieve those lines easily.

This is the full length of the product. It doesn't contain a lot but I actually prefer that as I feel like eyeliners shouldn't be used for too long because the eyes are a very sensitive area and it's risky to use old products that may have accumulated bacteria and such.

Here's a swatch. The top one has two strokes while the bottom one is just one.

When I tried to rub it, it smudged. I even waited a good three minutes but it still happened.

So I was turned off with that. I usually look for water-resistant and long lasting eyeliners because I have  oily skin and makeup tends to slip off my face and crease on the lines and folds of my skin. To be fair, it's not waterproof but still, it is not smudgeproof like many eyeliners I've seen lately. 

However there are really good things about this product such as how black it is and how easy it is to use because of its slimness and how smooth it glides on skin. Since I have oily lids and it might just crease or transfer, It is best to use on my lower lash line. That's where I usually use my pencil eyeliners anyway. :)

And that's all for this post! Have you tried other products from BCL Japan?


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