Sunday, April 10, 2016

FOTD: Blonde Hair Red Lips Combo

Hello ladies,

I have always wanted to color my hair differently especially after I had that balayage treatment a few years back. So after last year, I was finally able to get my hair colored.

So I went to Vivere salon and told my stylist, Ms. Rich Abella that I wanted purple hair. However, since I previously had my hair colored blue-black and I wanted dark purple, bleaching will take more than one session. So for this coloring job, we had to divide it into two sessions.

So I actually achieved two hair goals in two weeks. Week 1, I was blonde but my hair was more yellow than the nice blonde we see on film so it was a struggle to fix up my make-up and make it look natural on me.

Dawn came to my rescue with a few brow kits (Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Mascara in LB-1 and Etude House Easy Brow Pencil) and it helped up-lift my face and make the blonde work. Which came in a good time because my cousin's wedding happened that weekend and my blonde hair was immortalized.

And this was how I wore it to the event. Simple classic red lips and a french twist hairstyle to keep everything classy.

I do think french twist looks better with colored hair since you can see the twist better than when it's done on black hair.

It's quite easy to do. I actually did this one myself. It's easier to do on short and medium length hair rather than with long hair. There are a number of youtube video tutorials on how to do it. And here is one.

Do you think I pulled off the blonde hair look? I'll be posting my purple hair in a few days so hope you read that too. Plus, since my birthday is coming up soon, we'll be launching a birthday giveaway in a few days, wait for that as well.


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  1. I agree you can see much detail on updo's on very black Filipina hair it has more dimension on light colored hair especially with highlights :)