Friday, April 15, 2016

Hair Goal Achieved: Purple Hair

Hello ladies,

I have finally achieved the Purple hair color I want. So I wanted to share with you it's current progression.

I will share the hair products I have used after getting it colored in another post but this post is solely about going dark purple and what to expect after 3 washing.

So first, here was how I looked getting it colored to dark purple. It looked like ube on langka. :)

Anyway, here it is right after coloring in flourescent light. The color was kind of a mix between blue and red so as you can see, there were blue streaks on. They looked pretty cool and kind of looked like highlights.

And here it is under an LED bulb. It showed a darker hue and if you are walking around at night, you can hardly tell that it's purple. Which is something I like since it adds a little shock factor when you actually see the purple in the light.

Day 1 post coloring under shaded natural sunlight. It's hardly an in-your-face color but it does brighten up your complexion.

Then you go directly under the sun and BOOM! PURPLE! See what I meant about the WOW factor?

After that, I was advised to not wash my hair for a while and when I did, the picture above happened. The used water was pink to red in hue, and as you will notice, the top part (my crown) is visibly lighter in shade than the ends.

With a little more sunlight...

During the first, second and third wash, I have never used shampoo and followed the conditioner only regimen (plus my conditioner was sulfate-free) However, on the second wash, I noticed that the color was getting more lighter. In certain lighting, it looked very purple, and in some it was a mix of blue, brown, and purple streaks. That rattled me a little but I was advised that the color will last so I shouldn't worry.

However on the third wash, The purple is almost completely non-existent.

Here is my hair post-third washing under cloudy sunlight.

I noticed more blue streaks now especially when I flip the bottom part of my hair and a heck of a lot of browns.

After the second wash the roots were still strikingly purple but after the third, that hue has diminished to this.

I am a little disappointed at the staying power of the color since I was expecting it to last at least 1 week and not wear out this fast (especially since I am using sulfate-free products). Though my brother's friend had told me before that purple does not last as long as others. 

It's starting to have a gray-brown kind of hue over my bangs area while the rest have streaks of purple, brown and blue. My workmates even asked me what happened and that my hair is starting to look like a rainbow. 

Well, I just hope it doesn't end up with a tanned brown color because I hate that color and it doesn't suit me.

Will I still retouch the color? If it doesn't require me to re-bleach my hair in order to get purple, I would recolor until a certain length that it's cool looking balayaged hair color.

So what do you think of this hair color? Would you try it if you were in my shoes? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it last? Do tell me so I can try and salvage this hair color.



  1. Sayang ndi siya kumapit! Try mo manic panic conditioners. My sis had her hair colored blue and it turned green, but manic panic helped retain its vibrancy, makalat nga lang. :P

    1. Hi Helen! I told my stylist naman and she was kind enough to recolor using a different "gamot" for free. Will blog my recolored purple hair again cause I SUPER love the recolor. :)