Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fashion 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer

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When choosing my base makeup, I always look for coverage as well as getting that natural-looking finish, which means something that's not too dewy nor shimmery, not too flat, and the shade is pretty close to my skin color (warm). Another quality that I appreciate is the high sun protection—Living in a tropical country, especially since it's the summer, we should protect ourselves from the sun's harsh effects. Even though we do have sunscreens, if your bb cream or foundation can provide as much sun protection, that's pretty much hitting two birds with one stone. Finally, knowing how hard it is to earn money, I look for affordability. I use makeup whenever I go out so that's mostly everyday since I do go to work during the weekdays. Using foundations and bb creams that often will lead me to purchase more often than other kinds of makeup, so finding a cheap alternative is always awesome.

This is why I was intrigued when I read an email about this new product from Fashion 21... the Ultimate Cover BB Cream and Concealer.

It claims to do all those things that I mentioned! Check out the press release:

"There’s no need to look far for a great BB cream and concealer—it’s all in the Ultimate Cover. Our lightweight formula provides excellent coverage that maintains its color even in the face of sweat and humidity. Both products can either be applied separately or combined for the smoothest evenly-toned and blemish-free look, and our three-color range fits any skin tone. It comes with SPF30+."

And one tube is only PhP  225.00.

It seems very interesting, right? 

Check out the labels on the box and the tube for more info:

The tube is easy to squeeze and easy to control how much product you dispense. You just twist the black cap to get to the nozzle.

At the end is another clear cap that you can twist to get to the concealer. The clear cap makes the shade visible and it adds a little class to the design.

The Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer comes in three shades: 1, 2, and 3.

The lightest shade is 1 and the darkest is 3. The one is use is shade no. 1 which I think is more like a medium shade since it is close to my color. It can be a problem to the mestizas or those with lighter skin tone.

To give you an idea, check out the swatches below:

Swatches of the concealer from 1-3.

The BB Creams from 1-3

When spreaded-out

When blended

Below are pictures of the BB Cream and the concealer side by side. I used the shade no. 1 since that is my color. 

On top is the concealer and the one at the bottom is the BB Cream.

I think the concealer is a shade lighter so that it brightens the under eyes since that's where we usually apply concealer the most.

When slightly blended

Both are very creamy. The concealer is very pigmented but still feels light on skin. The BB cream has a light to medium coverage but partnered with the concealer, it can conceal the imperfections quite well. See the photos below.

Bare skin

With the BB cream (1 layer)

Bare under eye

With the concealer

And below are my pictures using the product as base with the rest of my makeup:

Looks pretty good right?

The first thing I noticed when I used this product is how lightweight it was, even the concealer, and this is something that's unusual when it comes to base products that have coverage. 

The scent of both BB cream and concealer is pleasant and none of the chemical scent. The smell is barely noticeable too. 

As I have said, the BB cream has a light-medium coverage so if you like light makeup, then you can use it alone. If you want a more made-up look, then use the concealer for a more flawless face. Both products have buildable coverage and consistency of both is creamy which makes them easy to apply. For darker pimple scars, the concealer is unfortunately not enough so you can see in the pictures that some acne scars are still visible.

The lasting power is pretty-decent. I have oily skin and since this do not have oil control, my face gets shiny in 3-4 hours. The excess sebum will cause the makeup to slide off so I have to make sure to blot to make it last the whole day. But I would rather reapply again so I look prettier. Haha! The product is pretty cheap so I don't have any problem using it often. 

I've used this product for a week and so far, I did not encounter any breakouts nor irritations. 

Overall, I like it! It does give coverage, it is lightweight, and it's very, very affordable! I like that the sunscreen is pretty good too! I also like that it's a 2-in-1 product which makes it a great travel-buddy. I just wish that it has more shades, especially for those with light skin tone. Still, the shades 2 and 3 are good news for morenas because we rarely have those, especially in warm shades.

And those are my thoughts on Fashion 21's Ultimate Cover! Have you tried this? Let me know what you think!


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  1. Oooh that's pretty good! Does it melt away with sweat?