Friday, April 08, 2016

FS Cosmetics Colorific Lipstick in Deep Amber

Hello loves!

Just recently I made a review of FS (Features and Shades) Cosmetics' Stick Concealer which was sent to me a few months back. Now I'm going to share with you swatches of the product that came with it!

FS Cosmetics Colorific Lipstick in Deep Amber

One lipstick is around PhP 300.00.

Among the shades available, it was Deep Amber that caught my eye. Since I'm a bit of a lipstick addict, I already own quite a number of shades and Deep Amber is like a shade that I would call an "in-between." It's like a cool-toned red, like red wine, but still has that hint of sienna. I was a bit confused actually because amber to me is a dark and vibrant yellow orange color but I guess the addition of the word deep makes it darker. Maybe the brand is going for a shade like if the color amber get burnt.

Anyway, check out the info from the packaging:

A collection of rich, indulgent lip colors with a semi-matte finish that is sure to leave a bold and lasting statement!

The brand's Colorific Lipstick line is available in 8 shades. Deep Amber is the darkest among them.

The packaging is different from the older FS Cosmetics look (back when it was still partnered with Fanny Serrano). I actually like the simple, yet classy packaging. It's non-bulky and you can clean it easily (from stains or powders, unlike those of NARS or packagings with engraved/embossed designs).

The formulation is creamy as it glides easily on the lips, but it's not the buttery kind that melts in hot areas (ugh. I experience this a lot, especially in the summer, when I open the cap and find my lipsticks melted). The bullet is sturdy enough, meaning it doesn't break easily while applying it on the lips.

And now, I'll share the swatches...

on my hand

on my lips

And that's me wearing it!
See the semi-matte finish? I like the finish very much because it looks classy but still makes my lips look hydrated (some matte lippies usually make my lips look chappy easily). It's currently one of my most-used lipsticks whenever I go to the office because it's the red shade that is very pigmented, but not glaringly bold so it looks very professional.

What do you think of FS Cosmetics Colorific Lipstick in Deep Amber? :)



  1. Para shang brick-red no? But in your selfie mejo may-pagka deep wine nga. Ang hirap i-describe sa pagka-unique hahaha. :)

    1. Mas wine-ish siya that brick when worn nga. :D

  2. That is pretty. I saw something similar in Banila Co. na pigil na pigil ako kasi lipstick ban, kahit na LE pa naman siya. At least I know this will be available year-round.

    1. I need a lipstick ban. HAHAHA! Medyo madami ako binili this past 6 months. Haha!