Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mini Review: BYS Brow Definition Kit 3

Hello ladies,

It hasn't been long since I've shifted my favorite brow tool from pencil to a palette, and this little kit from BYS has got me into thinking this might be my holy grail.

Sorry about the dirty product, I forgot to take a photo of it prior to testing it. So this brow kit has a black, a brown, a flesh color, and a wax to help the color stick better.

Here are some product information and instructions on how to use.

It has quite a high color pay-out, just one dab and it cover the whole of my eyebrow (well one eyebrow). It needs a little getting used to as it's easy to over do it. So when using it, I advise doing it one dab at a time until you're satisfied with the intensity. And if you're still not happy about the intensity or want it to look really strong and lasting, mix the wax in.

Here is a picture of my brows bare (above) and then with the product (below).

It's also very hard to erase and lasts the whole day long. Also, it doesn't stick onto other things when your face starts getting oily.

I really like this product and would definitely buy another one once it runs out but I think it will take a while before I'd need to buy a refill. Hopefully, they don't discontinue it.


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