Monday, October 12, 2015

Review : Ciracle Anti-Blemish Teatree Wash

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The traffic is getting worse and worse nowadays...
I'm one of the few people who are fortunate enough to live near my workplace so I don't have to endure the horrible traffic daily. I do know many who do and I can't even imagine how tired one must feel when they finally get home after hours of getting stuck in traffic.

In a different situation, I've experienced being so tired due to lack of sleep and tight deadlines that I just want to crash on my bed and sleep the whole week. BUT there is one thing that is very, very important to me that I have to gather all my remaining energy and fight all the tiredness and temptation to hug my pillows to sleep just so I can do it and that is to cleanse my skin.

No matter how tired you are, keep your skin clean. With all the pollution and dirt we encounter everyday, germs will surely cause unfavorable things to us like allergic reactions or pimples. I made cleansing a habit and I think everyone can develop that too. If I'm too tired and can't take a shower anymore, I get a damp towel and just wipe away. 

It's also important to clean the face really well since it's the most exposed part of our body. I also use makeup and I have oily skin so dirt really sticks to my face which lead to breakouts. Besides using a makeup remover, I also use a good facial wash to completely rid of all the dirt and makeup off my face. I make sure that when I apply my toner, there's no trace of these on my cotton pad. Right now I am using the Ciracle Absolute Deep Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup and then use this afterwards...

Ciracle Anti-Blemish Teatree Wash
PhP 990.00

This was actually sent to me for review along with the Deep Cleansing Oil. They've since been a tandem in keeping my face clean when I get home.

When I received the product back in September, seeing as that it's anti-blemish made me excited about it. I have acne-prone skin so this is something I would definitely check out if ever I were to browse their stores. Facial wash is a product that is a must for me so finding a good one is important and I trust Ciracle when it comes to skin care because I have used quite a number of products from them that I've really loved. 

So far, I've been using this for a month and I will share with you my review later on in this post.

First, let's see the product description and its claims...

Info on the packaging:

Additional info from their website:

The best cleanser for acne prone skin ever
Purified light foam enables you to thoroughly cleanse out acne spots. While preventing
the blemishes, it also removes excessive oil by gently washing them away.
If you are looking for the best cleanser for acne prone skin,
If you want to start treating the acne with proper wash,
If you need to take step by step approach to cure the acne,
Experience the miracle from Ciracle.

The best cleanser for acne prone skin with natural ingredients
As you wash your face with teatree foam cleanser, feel the hydration.
Mild and soft component helps you cleansing of any makeup residue or skin dirt.
Contains Surfactant with low irritation, it helps your skin to turn into clear and healthy looking one.

Refresh your skin with cooling effect from the best cleanser for acne prone skin.
Acne is often caused by the excessive amount of oil on your skin.
Start treating them with proper care! Clear your dead skin cells and turns it into flawless state.

As one degree of skin temperature rises, sebum creation increase by 10~20%.
Teatree wash completesly cleanse out the pores while leaving adequate amount of moisture on skin.

It comes in this clear pump plastic bottle. I like my skincare with simple designs because it gives me the impression of cleanliness. The pump makes dispensing easier and you can control the amount you get very well.

The scent is not noticeable actually. No citrusy, floral, nor herby scent. The consistency is pretty much like liquid soaps but not as creamy. When rubbed with water, it foams up well.

I usually use this with a facial cleansing brush and massage it on my face and rinse it off with lukewarm water. I do have to say that I sort of do not follow the instructions all the time... massaging my face with the cleanser for 10 minutes takes too long for me so sometimes I rinse it off within 2-5 minutes. :P

I've been using it for a month now and I'm satisfied with its performance. It cleanses my face from dirt and the remaining makeup that my makeup remover missed. It got rid of excess oil very well but still kept my skin well-hydrated (for an anti-blemish wash, that's something good since it doesn't strip your face from all the oils that can dry up the face).

But did it help get rid of my acne? Well, so far I can't really be 100% sure that it did help... You see, before I used this product, it was days before I had my period and my skin was all crazy with all the breakouts. I've never experienced that kind of breakout before. But after my period, and this was the time that I've been using this, the acne appearance lessened and the ones I had healed rather quickly. Do take note that I use other anti-acne products so the healing and prevention can't all be credited to this but I could say that this might have helped in the process. My skin is back to normal with occasional pimple appearance every now and then.

And to summarize...

What I LIKE:

- Effectively cleans my face from excess oil, dirt, and traces of makeup
- Doesn't dry my face
- I believe it somehow helped in healing and preventing breakouts
- Barely noticeable scent
- One pump is enough
- Locally available
- Packaging

- The price is a bit steep for me for a cleansing wash

Do I recommend it? Yes. I think the product is worth a try, especially to those with similar skin types as me. :)

And that's my review! If you're interested to learn more about Ciracle, you can visit their website and Facebook Page. :)


Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation benefit and I was only invited to review the product. All opinions written in this review are my honest thoughts on the product. :)


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