Monday, October 19, 2015

Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss in Pink

Hello dearies!

It's been a cool gloomy day in Manila. I hope you guys are dry and safe inside your homes today and during the weekend. I also hope that your loved ones living in the northern part of the country are all safe. The recent typhoon was stronger than expected. :(

Since our work was suspended today, I do have time to blog. I'll be sharing a quick swatch post of a lipgloss my sister gave me.

Napoleon Perdis Lipgloss in Pink

It's my first product from the brand. I'm not familiar with it to be honest and while I was searching for this product's info, I can't find the exact one. I saw their different lipgloss collections but I can't find this particular one. I can't find the shade "Pink" anywhere.

This is, as you can see on the photo above, is a deluxe-sized product that is not for resale. I bet this is a part of a makeup set my sister bought. I haven't confirmed it yet though. lol

Anyway, I'm loving the tube design. I like the brand's logo design and the simplicity of the tube. I also like that I have this travel-size product that easily fits in my kikay kit. 

The applicator is a brush type that makes applying easy. One dip is enough for one lip. 

I also love the sweet scent of this lipgloss. It's like a mix of cotton candy and bubble gum. Too bad that it doesn't taste like it. Or maybe it's good so that I don't just lick it off. Haha!
The creamy texture is a bit sticky though but I don't mind it.

I like this color. It's not really just pink in my opinion. It's too light and soft... I think it's sort of like carnation pink.

And that's how it looks on my lips.

The translucent finish is just enough to cover my lips with this soft pink color. It looks so fun and simple. An easy pick when I want to go out with a soft, simple, feminine look.

So what do you think of the Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss in Pink?


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