Friday, October 09, 2015

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Rosy Future

Hey dears!

I've mentioned my fascination with pinkish/peachy nude lipsticks, but I guess it doesn't stop there anymore. I'm also liking the shade on lipglosses as well!

My sister sent me this product that I use quite often. I don't usually wear glosses but I really like this shade on my lips so yeah, I use this more than usual. The product is...

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

The shade is 260 Rosy Future

It's a warm-rosy shade but not very pigmented which is fine. It does have fine silver glitters that I really like.

The effect on my lips is just beautiful. Look at how beautiful the glittery shade looks on my lips:

And it gives that simply pretty finish to an everyday makeup look!

I remember a Gossip Girl episode regarding lipsticks and lipglosses. There was a line that Serena mentioned that if you want something like a glamour or sophisticated look, go for lipsticks, but if you want to keep it fun, then go for lipglosses. I do agree with that. So if you're the person who likes to keep it simple but wants a hint of fun in their look, then I'd recommend this lippie for sure!

What do you think of Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Rosy Future?



  1. I have this lipbalm from etude house which looks like a gloss! It's not sticky and its super moisturizing. It kind of looks like that Japanese water glossy look, not the shiny one :D

    That shade suits you :D Pero nanibago ako because your makeup is not glam in the photo, it's simple and refreshing :D

    1. Ah. I don't think I've seen that product from Etude. I'd like to check ot out. :D

      Haha! Yeah, I do the "simple" once in a while. :P

  2. Sooo pretty! I've never owned more than one revlon lipgloss but that's because we never got much of their line here! I love this color, it would be great over a brown nude lipstick too!

    1. Yes! I often put this on top of a lipstick. If I put on a very bright/bold color, this neutralizes it and when I use nudes, this can add volume or make your lips fuller. It's really a good shade!