Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review : Bare Body Sugaring Wax

Hey lovelies!

A month ago, I received an opportunity to try a locally made sugar wax product. I'm no stranger when it comes to using sugaring wax to remove unwanted body hair, I'm actually a fan of them. I've already tried around 4-5 brands. But what made me interested to grab this opportunity to review this newer/different brand is that it does not need any cloth strips! I'm like, "WOAH!" I've always used cloth strips to pull the wax off my skin so I was so curious on how this new product works...

Bare Body Sugaring Wax
One 200g tub is Php 220.00 and the set of a 200g tub with a 60ml Aloe Soothing Lotion is Php 330.00.

As mentioned, this set of products was sent to me for review. I wasn't paid any compensation other than receiving these products to use for this review. And so, here are my honest thoughts on the product!

From their Facebook Page, they promised the following:

Experience sugaring at its best and easiest.
No fuzz. No strips. No heating.

100% Organic/Natural
100% Safe
Less Pain

What I know about sugar wax is it is indeed made with natural ingredients which makes it safer to use compared to those wax strips made with various chemicals. And I just love how it smells. The sweet honey scent just adds a little pleasant touch to the waxing process... even though I dread the part when I have pull it off... but pain is beauty, am I right? BUT don't you worry too much, from my experience, sugaring is less painful compared to cold strips.

I pretty much have an idea on what to expect with the product except on the part that I won't be needing strips anymore. But for the beginners out there, their Facebook Page provides an easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the sugar wax:

And now, for my experience...
I actually took a shower before I waxed. I made sure my skin was clean. I also used a mild body scrub to get rid of dead skin to try and make the experience even less painful.

As seen in the photo above, the wax is quite thick and very sticky. If you have difficulty in taking out the product, heating it for a 5-10 seconds in the microwave can help. If you're too lazy, this still works without heating! Spreading it on the skin will take time though.

So as instructed, I rubbed my hands with powder and scooped some wax then rolled the wax a little then put it on top of the target area and slowly spread it. Don't make it too thin or the wax will get torn. 

Once I pulled the wax...

Tadaaaa! The area is almost hairless! Almost because the shorter hair strands were not pulled off. They are barely noticeable.

The process was clean and no wax was left on the area.

And see, I didn't use any strip! The spread-out wax was in one piece with the hair all in it.

Could I still reuse it though? Well, it was still sticky but the second try wasn't as clean. So yeah, it's still reusable but expect that some hair strands will be left on the area you just waxed.

If there are waxes left on your skin, it can be easily removed with water or a damp towel. Just put some on the area with the wax since it's suggested to not get the waxed area washed for one day.

If your skin is a little sensitive and experience some redness, use the aloe soothing lotion that is included if you get the kit.

It will really make your skin feel better. I don't experience redness but I like using it because of the cooling sensation! :D


What I LIKE:

- Less pain than cold strips
- Never experienced any irritations
- Affordable
- Smells good!
- No need to use strips
- Locally available because it is locally made
- Made of natural ingredients
- No need to heat but heating can help make the process easier
- The Aloe Lotion can definitely help in soothing the waxed area


- The tub does not have a list of ingredients

Other than that one thing, this product is all-good! I'm very satisfied with its performance. I only have to wax again after 3 weeks or so. I'm still a sugar wax fan! :D

And btw, here's a tip: If you have very low pain tolerance, I advise that you have a pain reliever or something 30 minutes before you perform your wax session. ;)

For more info about Bare Body Sugaring Wax, visit their:

And that's my review! 
Do you also wax? Do you use sugaring too?



  1. That's such a huge money-saver, doing it at home. It's really the same stuff some of the popular wax salons are using. I notice they use just a small amount of the sugar wax at a time and just reuse it over and over until the wax turns opaque and looks like peanut butter. Kaso lang, I can't work up the nerve to do this to myself! Haha. Last time, I chickened out halfway. One half lang ang na-wax. :))

    1. True! That's why I just do it at home. Before, I have my sis to do it for me but once you get used to it naman, you eventually can do it yourself. It is just a little more painful and time consuming than when done by someone else. I'd rather endure that than to pay 3-5x more at salons. :P

  2. Hi saan mo siya ini istore pag tapos mo na gamitin di nman yan mauubos sa isang gamitan right? I bought the 400g kasi.

    1. It's just sitting in my room. Hindi naman sobrang init sa room ko during the day so walang nagiging problem dun sa product.