Tuesday, October 06, 2015

August and September (2015) Haul + Gifts

Hey loves!

Just sharing the items I acquired during the months of August and September. This post is quite lengthy because I admit that I bought a little more than I should. September is my birth month so I got a little more extra money from my birthday bonus. :P I also posted gifts I've received from my birthday and from my sis who's in AU. :)

So I'll start with these purchases I made when I went to SM Manila to renew my passport...

These Parisian Comfort Shoes are awesome! They look cute when I wear them and they are super comfy! And they are quite affordable too at PhP 699.00!

Products to help me treat my acne problems.
Snoe Shoo Zit Don't Bother Me Spot On Spot Off - PhP 399.00

Daily Defense Keratin Treatment
I bought this because it's only Php 199.00 and you get two! :P

Theproducts in the next three photos were bought at 10% off BTW. :)

I've seen so many raves on these products from Shawill so I thought that these were worth a try...
Shawill Coloring Eyebrow - PhP 188.00
Shawill High Precision 24 Hour Eyeliner - PhP 99.00

It's been a while since I bought some things from Holika Holika. I have tried a few and loved most of them so I wanted to try more.
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Brow Mascara - PhP 325.00
Holika Holika Cover and Hiding Stick Concealer - PhP 275.00

I saw the Bobbi's and L.A. Girl's stalls and wanted to try some of their products and bought these:
Bobbie Cosmetics Poof Concealer - PhP 100.00
and I bought the Essence Ticket to Paradise Cream Eyeshadow because it was on sale for only PhP 75.00!

I lost the receipt of these products. I will do reviews though. :P

Bought these stuff on sale!
Beauty Bar Corner False Lashes - PhP 82.50 (Reg. price is Php 275.00)
 CND Effects Copper Shimmer - PhP 50.00 (Reg. price is Php 475.00)

This Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker!!!
Forgot how much it was but WOAHHHH! I love this thing. :D

And the next three items are the items my sister in Australia sent me. Most are preloved...

And these below are products my friend who got back from a 2-month vacation in Japan bought me...

And the products from Daiso are actually things that Liz bought me during one of their events...

And these are items that Tellie gave me, and some I bought from her blog sale, before she went to South Korea to study.

I also spoiled my sale with some art books.
Dong-A My Metal Ballpens - PhP 179.75
A Life of Picasso by John Richardson - PhP 695.00

Japanese Art Close-Up by John Reeve - PhP 974.00

My mom bought these shoes for me as a birthday gift. It's Comfort Plus from Payless.

More stuff from Daiso Japan! Wooot! I just love shopping there. :P

And these are stuff Liz got me for my birthday! YAYY! She actually mentioned this on her haul post a week ago.

And below are more gifts from friends. :)

I'll try to review the Tomato Soap. It looks interesting and I love using tomato soaps. :D


That's quite a lot, huh? I'm certainly enjoying all of these great stuff! I feel so blessed with all the gifts that were given to me. (Thank you, guy! You know who you are.)

And that's it for now. Do let me know if you want me to review some of the items here. :)