Thursday, October 15, 2015

Essence Ticket to Paradise Long-Lasting Eyeshadow in Tropical Heat

Hey dearies!

When it comes to makeup, I can control myself from splurging money if the product is expensive but I know that it's really, really good. I guess I got that from my mom who is very thrifty and would rather find a more affordable version even if the quality isn't as good. What I can't help control myself from doing is buying really, really affordable things that are on sale (I like great deals) even though I have no idea if it's good. Haha!

That's the case with this product...

Essence Ticket to Paradise Long-Lasting Eyeshadow

I was able to get it for a super low price of...
PhP 75.00!!! 
They were on sale that day and I just thought that that's such an awesome deal. I remembered their Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow, which I love so much, was around PhP 200.00 so if this product's original price was somewhere near that, then this is definitely a steal!

The shade I got is 03 Tropical Heat.

I chose it, besides that it's the only shade left available, because it's gold and it can be easily paired with many lipstick shades and create various makeup looks. It would also be a good makeup base for powder shadows which is something I do with the brand's All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows.

Here's a swatch on my arm.

And how it looks like alone on my lids.

The shade is wearable and can pass as an everyday eye makeup look. And yes, it can be an eyeshadow base as well. The warm color won't affect your powder shadow if its pigmented. This can actually accentuate the color more. Unfortunately, this one is not as long lasting as their All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows. My eyeshadow creases when my lids get really oily.

But for a PhP 75.00, I still think I got my money's worth... Haha! But this is not something I really like just because it creases on my lids. But when I use it on friends with dry-normal skin, then it can last the whole day. :P

What do you think of the Essence Ticket to Paradise Long-Lasting Eyeshadow in Tropical Heat? Do you have any recent hugely discounted purchases?



  1. I went to SM a few days ago to find a pink eyeshadow since I've been really into pink lids lately and they were having a huge sale, like HUGE!!! But I stopped myself from buying anything since I wasn't able to find the pink I want (warm pink with gold shimmers) the pinks I saw were too pale and white. The closest I found was Etude House's Bling Me Prism but it was too metallic in a way.

    Anyway, I love essence! I have a shadow from them, it's in the shade Metropolitan and I wear it every freakin day on my outer corners. It adds depth to my eyes and defines it too making them appear larger :D

    1. I think I know what you mean about the pinks+gold shimmers. I love that shade too although right now I can't think of a brand I can't recommend. :/

      And hooray for Essence cream shadow! They are affordable and have good quality!