Saturday, October 24, 2015

ARTDECO Eyeshadow in Matt Rosy Starling

Hello dears!

A little update about what's going on with my life: I got a new phone!
My old phone was broken last week while I was buying groceries. It fell while I was... carrying cans of mushrooms. On the outside, it looks okay—no scratches at all, but unfortunately, it was the phone's LCD that got broken... That phone was three years old anyway and it was performing poorly and I was already thinking of buying a new one... so yeah, I got a new one! Yay!

Although I'm happy with my new purchase, I'm still sad that I lost some of the pictures I took when I went to ManilArt 2015. I really regret that I didn't sync my phone to my iCloud or Dropbox then. And I also lost some pics that I took for the blog. Oh well.

Anyway, I'll get over the pictures someday...

For now, here's a swatch post again of a recent purchase I made...

ARTDECO Eyeshadow in Matt Rosy Starling
As usual, I bought this on sale at Beauty Bar. I got it for PhP 175.00. Original price was PhP 350.00.

I love this shade. The sort of light nude pink color with a matte finish. I love that color for my lippies, I love them more as eyeshadows!

It's pretty much close to the other ARTDECO mono eyeshadow I bought, the 345 Glam Beige Rose, except that this one is paler and not shimmery.

Info from the website:

Eyeshadow Matt
Powder eyeshadows in matt, natural colors: Thanks to their new, particularly smooth and silky quality, the matt colors adhere perfectly to the eyelid and can be applied especially even. The brown shades are ideally suited for the accentuation of the eyebrows.

Remove the clear cover from the eyeshadow and arrange as desired in the magnetic box. Apply the required shade with the eyeshadow applicator or brush. The eyeshadows can be combined individually and can be stored in the practical refillable magnetic beauty boxes.

So below is the swatch:

It's pigmented but I was hoping that it will have a lighter color. I find that it is close to my skin's color.

On my lids, it's color blended on my skin. It looks really close to my skin's color so it's barely noticeable even with an eyeshadow primer underneath. I wanted a lighter, creamier shade, but I think this is still a nice base shade for a simple, everyday look.

And that's all for the ARTDECO Eyeshadow Glam in Matt Rosy Starling. What do you think of this eyeshadow? :)



  1. Oooh nice! It looks similar with Painterly, I guess. And hooray for new phone!

    1. Thank you! And yes, it sort of does look similar. A powder version! :D