Friday, October 30, 2015

SkinFood Cacao Hand Balm

Hello guys!

Okay. So I think I've mentioned a few times that I don't like the taste of chocolate... especially the sour aftertaste it leaves in my mouth (I'm talking about the choco bars and cakes... I'm okay with drinking it because it's less... fudgy and thick). BUT that doesn't mean I don't like how it smells. There's something about the smell of chocolate that is somehow comforting, especially the scent of the tsokolate or the local chocolate drink here in the Philippines. I associate it with getting a treat when we eat out or when I'm out-of-town on a vacation because I almost always order a cup of that when we have breakfast on a Filipino-themed restaurant (And yes, I don't drink coffee daily. I drink tea more often actually.).

Now, I get to smell the sweet aroma of chocolate without having to eat it every morning with this product...

SkinFood Cacao Hand Balm

A friend of mine, Tellie, gave it to me a few months back and it has been in my office desk since. :D

Since it's in a tub, I try my best to remember to wash my hands before I use this. The good thing is that when I wash my hands, I feel like my hands are too squeaky clean so I want to moisturize it. Haha! 

The product looks nice on the desk. The packaging is a small tub and the design of the label is pretty cute.

The product is quite thick... and a bit waxy. It takes time to be absorbed by the skin so there will surely be instances that it will get to the stuff that I've touched. But I don't mind. The important thing is that my hands feel moisturized and that they smell soooo good. The scent is not that heavy cocoa smell... it's just the right amount of chocolotey scent that I like. I can't describe it much but I recommend you to go check out a SkinFood counter and check how awesome this product smells like!

See how thick it is?

It's really a good product to hydrate my hands and I only need a small amount to cover both hands so this 50g tub will last me a long while. I draw, paint, and do other kinds of artworks with my hands and they get tired and get exposed to various chemicals, not to mention stuff for nail art too, so they tend to feel dry especially the cuticle part. This hand balm definitely helps a lot in keeping my hands soft and smooth! I just love it! :D

And that's all for the SkinFood Cacao Hand Balm! What scent does your current hand cream have?



  1. You... you don't like chocolates? I mean I'm not a chocolate addict or something...but why T^T Ngayon ko lang yata to narinig T^T

    Anyway, cute product!!! But the tub packaging is too much of a hassle. I use a hand cream my friend got me from Watson's. It's a bit liquidy but it's fine. I like the scent too!

    1. I find the aftertaste so sour e. :P Yeah, the tub is too bulky so I rather leave it at the office. I carry a different one (housed in a tube) in my bag. :P

  2. Mmmm that sounds heavenly!!! And that particular brand is supposed to be free from all harsh chemicals :) So it's allll goood

    1. Ooooh. I didn't know that! Thanks for the info. :D

  3. Replies
    1. Unfortunately, this was given to me by a friend. I'll see if I can drop by a Skin Food branch and ask. :)