Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer

Hey dears!

Having acne-prone skin made me rely on heavy-coveraged concealers when I want my skin to look flawless. I love Laura Mercier's Secret Comouflage, but it's quite expensive. Since I put makeup on whenever I go out, which is like everyday because of work, I'd like to find a more affordable concealer that I can use everyday. That is why I usually go around the beauty section of department stores to find one.

So when I was at SM Manila's beauty section, I swatched some concealers from various brands and found this very cheap one...

Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer
I bought it for only PhP 100.00!

I was swatching the tester and thought that it had good coverage... and when the SA told me how much it was worth, I thought, "Nice! I guess it wouldn't hurt the wallet so I guess I could just get one so I can try this out."

So I did bought one and now I'll share my review on this product...

The product's claims are the following:

1. Conceals and sets in one portable kit
2. Blends easily to instantly cover and brighten dark spots and discoloration
3. Enriched with antioxidant, Vitamins C & E that help repair, soothe & brighten skin

I chose the #02 shade which is like the medium shade and the closest to my skin tone. #01 is the lightest while #03 is the darkest.

Concealer looks very much like MAC's concealer pot packaging except that it's pink and metallic. 

It comes with a small mirror in a separate compartment. I hardly use it but it may come in handy when I travel. I could easily bring this product with me in my kikay kit because it is small and intact.

Here's a swatch. See how thick the coverage is? It's also pretty close to my tone. My face is a little darker than my arm so it looks more natural when I apply it on my face.

Below are photos on how it works on selected areas of my face:

This is a shot of my eye area without makeup. I have dark undereyes and eyebags.

With the product on. I used my fingers in applying this but I sometimes also use a concealer brush (fingers are easier though).

The concealer helped getting rid of the dark area of my undereyes although I find the finish looking dry...?

Now this is a shot of my cheek. See that reddish acne mark on the slightly center-bottom left area...

...this is what it looks like when I apply the product on it.

It effectively covered the redness of the acne! Although I need to use other concealers and correctors on some of the darker acne scars that I have.

I do think it has the heavy coverage I want in a concealer but I just find it a bit dry. It's so dry that the finish looks cakey at times. Another thing I noticed is that it melts off easily on my oily skin, so once I get shiny, I'll have to reapply again. :( 

I recommend that you use this to cover up blemishes but for undereyes, go for a lighter kind of concealer, like a liquid one, because the consistency of this one is quite thick.

To summarize:

What I LIKE:

- VERY Affordable at PhP 100.00
- Locally available
- Easy to carry packaging (with mirror too)
- Heavy coverage
- Easy to use


- It's dry
- Might look cakey
- Doesn't stay long on my oily skin

Would I buy again? No. I guess the cons I found are important for me so I might skip it. I still recommend this to those who are on a budget with better skin condition than I do (those who only have a handful of zits to cover).

And those are my thoughts regarding the Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer! What do you think of this product? Can you recommend some concealers with high coverage for me to try?



  1. I still have my eyes on Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer which is available online for 500 pesos. But I still can't buy it. Naghahanap pa ako ng mas murang nagbebenta :D I think that is the thing on buying inexpensive concealers and foundation, the frmula is a bit dry or cakey. I also tried Careline pimple concealer and find it too cakey. Much better na mag spend on your base products I guess :)

    1. Now I want to try the Maybelline one. Haha! I guess you really have to pay for quality but it's such a nice dream to find an inexpensive one that is soooo good. :P

  2. I also have this! Dry nga siya. :(

  3. I find that drier cream concealers are best for spot concealing on the face. I agree liquid for under eyes :) Did you use a small lip brush/concealer brush for your acne spots?

    1. Yes. The LM Secret Camouflage is a a bit dry and it works best for concealing selected blemishes. And yes, I also use a brush for application. :)

  4. I stopped using concealers na. I used to cover pimples and dark circles but I just thought about how a bit of flaw looks nice... which is weird. This is too dry :( I don't usually buy makeup that are "too cheap" because I feel like it will have a lot of cons.

    1. I understand. I agree that too perfect is boring. :)