Saturday, September 19, 2015

BYS x Glamourbox: Make-up Workshop Event

Good day ladies,

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a make-up workshop by BYS and Glamourbox at the Center for Aesthetic Studies. 

BYS celebrates its third year and they have partnered with Glamourbox to bring us three of their best selling products: Nude palette (1 and 2), Countour Trio, and Brow Defining Kit. 

These along with other products are featured in the Glamourbox special edition BYS box for September.

To fully utilize these fabulous products, BYS has called on the expertise of Katchi Mejias to educate us on the latest trends on highlighting and contouring. 

First off, she reintroduced us to the contouring technique popularized by Kim Kardashian and then she introduced us to these new terms, "strobing" and "baking".

So first, she showed us tips and tricks to achieving a dewy youthful look by using the strobing technique. So basically strobing is all about highlighting. The trick is to get that balance of dewy glow against the ugly shiny look of a very oily face. Apply highlighter on areas on your face that naturally catches the light. However, if you want to amp up the dewy-ness for an evening look (or for photos), you can get a shimmery eye shadow of the lightest shade and use a fluffy small brush to apply it on top of the highlighter. Do not worry about damaging the make-up underneath the loose powder when you brush it off, doing this also sets your make-up.

Next is "baking". After you've put on your foundation and concealer, you press a liberal amount of your loose powder with a slightly damp wedge brush over your under eye area, over the area of  your cheekbones, on your chin and your temples. Leave it on for about 10 - 15 minutes, or while you do the rest of your eye make-up, then dust it off and blend well. Do make sure to blend well to avoid those camera accidents we see on pictures of some famous Hollywood stars.

Anyway, here is the finished look. Katchi says that red lips are quite popular now also dark lips (browns, plums). 90s make-up is also becoming quite popular again.

And here are the products in the loot bag which can also be found in Glamourbox's BYS Special Edition box plus a nail polish.

I will be featuring these products in an FOTD using the techniques taught to us during the event. Do watch out for that.



  1. I learned baking from Dawn before but she applies the powder with a brush XD
    I want to learn strobing but I think it might be too much for everyday wear so I think I'll be sticking to light highlight and contouring. The nude palette looks super similar with the naked palette!