Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Daiso Japan Opens It's 42nd Store at Shangri-La Mall.

Good evening,

I have always loved Daiso ever since Dawn introduced it to me many years back (could not remember the year... sorry). The very first product I bought was their pore mask, the white one, which should be used over the nose, but on special days I use all over my face. I bought it at Saizen Ermita, back when it was still called Saizen, and ever since, I have discovered more and more amazing stuff that just keeps me coming back for more.

And now that it has opened it's 42nd store, I am mighty glad to have been able to participate in it. As always, Daiso gives us a myriad of products to choose from, all of which starts within the budget friendly price of 88 pesos.

Daiso's stores have always had a few items that are unique to their stores. For example, if I ever good snacks from Japan, I would surely visit the Daiso store in Magnolia more than the one in Ermita. Not sure about the other stores since I've only ever been in these three. But, while talking with the other bloggers in the event it seemed, that my observation was true. 

For this particular store, I noticed that they had a LOT of baking, cooking, and food storage (as well as bento) items. And I had a blast picking through them. Here are a couple other finds I particularly liked.

1. Bento series

A couple of years ago, when I was trying to save money by creating my own lunch box, I came across so many bento making videos in youtube and wondered where the heck am I gonna buy these things that they use to shape their eggs. I looked it up online and found a few sellers, but ultimately gave up on the idea because I knew my mom won't buy me any. 

Lo and behold, I find one and I recommend getting them just to spice up boring lunch boxes.

I actually bought two of my lunch boxes from Daiso, and people always tell me they look like lunch boxes for kids. But who cares, they always lift my spirits and during my hospital duty, whenever my mom sent me food, seeing those lunch boxes made me feel loved. Quite cheesy but true.

Their give-away also included this... beautiful wrap. Their's is a rectangular one as opposed to the traditional square wrap used in Japan... That day, they were out of stock so could not take a picture of them hanging in the racks. However, below is the picture of the one they gave complete with the bento box and chopsticks... and packed chestnuts. Yumm.

2. Affordable durable Japanese dinning sets.

For people like me, who would like nothing more but to have Japanese themed sets for their tableware, Daiso is a haven. I cannot tell you how much it breaks my heart that I can't change all our dishes at home to the ones from Daiso. For the duration that I am in the store, it acts like a small motivation to get my own place as soon as possible.

3. Cookware

With me gushing about all these cooking, bento making and tableware, you'd think I'm starting on to house-wife training... Well, no. My sister is into culinary and is majoring in it so I am always happy to provide her with materials she'd need. Of course I too want to cook sometimes, and well, cooking ware are expensive stuff to buy so I am very happy to find her affordable and durable ones from Daiso. Plus they have just about everything in there. Even those hard to find oil papers.

I was hoping to find a potato ricer for when I make mashed potato but found a potato masher instead... Oh well, guess I'll keep on looking.

Then there are also stuff which you can use in the microwave oven. I have come to realized that storage which you can readily stuff in the microwave are very very much a necessity for people like me who are too lazy to cook everyday.

You can also find things like teapots and sets for enthusiast who are working on a budget.

4. The cleaning stuffs

OK... I have recently had a hobby for cleaning, and well, even before, whenever I'm angry or stressed, cleaning has been... well my release so I went nuts for all the cleaning stuff in the shop.

Bought Dawn dish washing fluid which were on a great deal that day.

Found myself some mold remover spray and bought me some laundry gloves, which I super love since they don't have powder inside them and they don't stick to each other when you're drying them (unlike the cheap ones at your regular grocery).

These egg scrubbing boards were kind of an after thought... I had no idea what they were until Tellie told me. Today, other than using them for cleaning my make up brushes, I found use for them as a scrub for my bras (since I don't kusot them, and conventional brushes would damage the fabric).

5. The random stuff

So Daiso always has cute clothes every where and I always like how they have cute but functional materials.

Paintings that double as lamps.

Since the holidays are nearing, they are always one of the best places to hunt for gifts.

A really weird shower cap.

6. The best deals

Daiso always has a great deal. During the store opening, they had a bunch of stuff on a buy one take one basis, like these hand soaps and the dish washing liquid earlier.

They even have a promo wherein any 300+ purchase will get you this wonderful rainbow umbrella for only 88 pesos.

And my most favorite deal of all, which never goes away is the 2+1 on selected dehumidifiers. I hope it never ends! It's currently my most favorite purchase.

I was a little sad that this store did not have our favorite food stuff, like the green tea powders, the plain noris... but then again, they did have the green tea kitkats. :)

Also, on the day, they gave out free ice cream to anyone who bought something from the store. Here I am sharing it with my friend, Gillian.

And at the end of the day, there was sushi! 

Helen and I waited patiently for it and it was absolutely delicious.


It was nice to see Helen again after so long. Since we had so much fun shopping... I ended up going home with a box full of all my Daiso things.

Here are all my haul stuff and as you can see most of them are kitchen ware and cleaning materials.

Lastly, I am also glad to share with you the amazing news which they have delivered, although I guess some of you already know.

So from now on, no more mistaking products. So a BIG congratulations to them.



  1. Oh! And here I thought Japan Home Center was another name for Daiso.

  2. Naabutan mo yung sushi! Hahaha. Nice seeing you there. :D