Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Jergens: Hydrating Coconut Lotion Launch

A good day to you ladies,

Last week, Jergens launched it's newest addition to it's classic line-up of body lotions and even included great tips to achieving that beautiful glowing skin.

It has been awfully hot the past few months, and even though it's the "ber" months, I think everyone will agree that there is less 'burr' in the air than there is 'ang init'. Of course, weather has a big impact on our health. Aside from the usual increase in number of heat strokes, flu cases and what not, the first and most obvious part of our body affected by the weather is our skin. So taking care of our body and skin is a must for every one, and this was the precise topic up discussed during the event.

Jergens had invited Ms. Mara Aquino and Ms. Erica Padilla to talk about their line of work, how they gain confidence in their work, and how they take care of their body and skin. I shall summarize the points which they have given.

On their work
Both of the lovely ladies are court side reporters. Ms. Aquino had previously lived in Canada and was offered the job soon after she had just relocated to the Philippines. Ms. Padilla on the other hand, is an actress and had also landed the job sometime in between.

On confidence on the job.
Ms. Aquino advises, knowing what you are doing. Put effort into researching and knowing what your trade is. If you know your stuff you'll gain that confidence.

Ms. Padilla then talks about how to gain confidence when they're suddenly put on the spot, which in their line of work happens more often than not. She says that she draws a lot from her experiences in acting: always keep your cool, be creative, and always say it with a smile. Smiling and saying things with conviction will get you through.

Both of them also agree that taking care of your body and health also adds to your confidence. When your body is good and you feel healthy and fresh, it gives a positive vibe. This then translates into your attitude while on the job, it keeps stress levels low and energy high, and when you're like this, you will always feel invincible and eventually translating to confidence.

Lastly, on taking care of the body

Keeping that glowing radiance, is not easy. These two lovely ladies, take care of their body in different ways; Ms. Aquino's exercise is martial arts and Ms. Padilla's is yoga. I know most of us will say, but it's too much work and too time consuming, to which Ms. Padilla answers, you have to make time. With their busy schedules, they always allot time for work outs. The trick is, to motivate yourself and know why you want to do it. The next would be to not be intimidated by the difficulty level, start slow and start at your own pace. In this way, you'll know your own body's limitations and strengths.

Second, eat right and hydrate. Most individuals take for granted the wonders of a right balanced diet and just goes for exercise but these two go hand in hand. A complete healthy regimen is not purely 3x/week at the gym, or running, or yoga. Eating right should come with it. Another beauty secret that's taken for granted is drinking tons of water. A good hydrated body keeps the circulation working like a well oiled machine and keeps high blood at bay, especially in hot weather.

Third, if you want your skin to stay young and supple, then feed it as well. Of course, hygiene is and will always be the first order of the day, so remember to be thorough in removing all the products that you've put on at the end of the day (i.e. make-up). Go really bare with your skin, then start nourishing it with products you trust, and know that each area of your skin is different and you need to tailor what you apply accordingly. The best time to put them on is immediately after showering, when your pores are clean and open and the moisture is just resting on top of your skin. Applying lotions, like Jergens, will help lock that moisture in the skin and protect it from the drying elements of both hot and cold weather.

Lastly, these are only tips to help you protect your skin before damage sets in, but when there already is a problem, they advise still seeing your dermatologist. Of course, no amount of application of products will help if the problem is pathologic and should be seen by an expert.

As culmination of all these advice, Jergens set-up a hydration station, filled with juices that are infused with flavors of the ingredients they use for their signature lotions.

They also set-up a consultation station, with a dermatologist, 

 Here's my sister taking advantage. :)

and a nutritionist.

The event was then opened to the public as well for them to try.

Aside from that, Jergens also gave a workshop for people to discover (and rediscover) the art and beauty of calligraphy (or typography).

It was a crash course of sorts, with instructors showing you the basic strokes. They even have a guide for you to use.

Unfortunately, I am NOT the artistic side of the peachypinksisters, so many sorry to Dawn about my measly lettering.

Even the goodies they gave stress the importance of eating right,

hydration and exercise, 

(I believe the shirt is a great gym/workout shirt, hence)

 and skin nourishment.

Here is their new addition the hydrating coconut. I will be trying this out so expect a full review in the next few weeks.



  1. Wow, I like that the had free consultation and the mini lettering workshop!! :)

  2. Great skin care tips indeed. I have tried this brand and I love it. It really moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Its a must try indeed.

  3. I keep purchasing and repurchasing the original (cherry almond) one, because I'm addicted to the scent. I want to try the coconut, though. Just hope it doesn't smell like toasted coconut oil. Nauumay ako sa amoy nun. :(