Friday, September 25, 2015

FOTD : A Happy 26 Year Old Me!

Hey loves

It's my birthday! YAYYYY!!!
I'll be celebrating with loved ones in a couple of hours so the moment I finished doing my makeup, I grabbed my cam and took pictures so I can share with you the look I have right now. :P

So this is what I currently look like.

I chose some of my favorite makeup for today. Here they are...

I'll update the post with the names of every product when I get home later.

As for the eyes, I made a simple nude-mauve combination.

And of course, my favorite winged eyeliner look is there!

 I also used my favorite lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo. My mom always tell us to wear red on our birthdays because it's a celebration. I dunno what culture that's from... is it Chinese or Filipino? Anyway, it's good that my lippie looks awesome with my blouse!


 So that's all for now. Gonna go spend the day with the friends and family! Wooot! Maybe I'll blog about my birthday celebrations in a few days. :)

Have a great day, guys! Love ya!



  1. Happy birthday!!!

    I think that's from Chinese culture, if you go to a Chinese restaurant and see a sea of red, there's probably someone celebrating their birthday

    1. Oooh! Then it most probably came from the Chinese. :) Thanks for the info and thank you for the greeting, Stacie! :)

  2. Happy birthday Dawn! You look super fab! :)

  3. Happy happy birthday Dawn! You look gorgeous and that red lipstick IS stunning on you as usual! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Sharlynn! Ruby Woo will always be a favorite lipstick of mine! :D

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! I'd interpret that red lipstick totally counts! Love your FOTD. That's how I usually do red lips, it's all about the defined liner.