Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit

Good evening ladies,

I once watched a video about make-up saying that you should never go out of the house without doing your brows. Frankly, I haven't been doing that until last year. Anyway, I've been trying out a lot of eyebrow pencils and brow pens. So this is my first brow kit.

So here is the kit opened.

It is packaged like a pressed powder compact with a mirror  attached to the lid.

There are two colors available in the kit, brown and black.

Here they are swatched.

And a fold-able two ended brush: an angled brush on the curved side, and a fine tipped brush on the straight side.

The angled brush is mostly used for shaping the brows but may also be used for putting on a thick line on your lids.

The fine tipped brush is mostly used for lining the eyelids but may also be useful for filling up those small gaps on really full brows.

Since I have sparse lids, I mostly use the angled brush. I haven't actually used the product as an eye liner, so I can't comment much on how it performs as an eyeliner.

As a brow liner, it works great. The color transfers quickly on the skin and can be blended out well. Here it is on Dawn's brows.

You can also mix the two colors together which I mostly do. Anyway, the color lasts throughout the day, even after your face has oiled up to the max, your brows are still perfectly done. Clean up is easy as well.

Though I do like the performance of this, I do prefer pencils and brow pens over this one as I cannot bring it along with me as easily as the other two. Also it's easier and more convenient to use the pencils. But I guess since it lasts longer than the pencils, it's better suited for makeup for formal events and what not.

Anyway, that's it for this short review...

So how about you? How do you do your brows?



  1. Wow, these two shades look sooo good on you! You already have such full and bold brows but this look so natural on you! I think I would just need the lighter shade in the two! I'm currently just using a matte dark brown shadow!

  2. I'm not very much of a make-up person. The basic I could do is a blush and lip color. The moment I found about defining my brows, it makes a big difference pala talaga. Soon, I added eyebrow pencil and brush to my basic make-up essentials. For special occasions, I add BB cream to balance the skin tone of my face and not to get oily right away... By the way, how much does this body shop eyebrow kit cost? thanks for sharing

  3. I love brow products, and this one seems like a great find! That brush is cute and innovative! How much is this?

  4. Hanggang 40 years old, you will still have this makeup. This thing literally never runs out! My sister handed me down hers, which she used for a few years na rin beforehand. I used it almost everyday nung college but it never seems to get depleted! I ended up throwing it away 'cause I was so mad I couldn't empty it.

  5. Wow! That looks really good *o* The kit is bigger than most but I like the compact case and the mirror is a big plus! Btw, how much is this? And how long did it last? :)

  6. Wow, the shading looks really nice! *o* The kit is bulkier than most but that huge mirror is a big plus! Btw, how much did it cost and how long does it stay on?

  7. @cheekeegirl and @richibellissima - it costs roughly around 1000, I think they had a sale in January and the price went down. But judging from what @telly said and from how big the container is, I do think it will last long and that you'll get your money's worth.

    @richibellissima - I just recently noticed that the darker color lasts for at least 8-10 hours even with my oily face, although it doesn't stay as intensely as when you just applied it. But at least, at the end of the day, your brows still have quite a bit of a definition.

    @sharlynn - Dawn really has a beautifully thick set of brows, so does my sister... I on the other hand have the unfortunate fate of having sparse and thin ones... Oh well, :)

  8. haven't use brow powders ever. just like you, i prefer pencils din for my brows. easier, i must say :)