Friday, June 06, 2014

Review: Canmake Stamp Cover Concealer

Hello ladies,

I really should post a what's in your kikay kit post since I've recently found myself going gaga over a few stuffs... anyway, here's one more item that I've been going nuts for, Canmake's Stamp Cover Concealer.

This will be a really quick review of the product so, first of, the packaging. I really like how Canmake packaged this concealer. It's small and looks a lot like a pencil.

It would be nice if this was already in English. But you'll kind of get how it's used from the pictures.

So here it is... it looks like a kikay girl's favorite pen or pencil. Again, this feature is what makes me gaga for it... since I can bring it anywhere and I won't have to be bothered with how much space it'll take.

The cap is twisted off, which reveals a doe foot applicator, somewhat soaked with concealer. The concealer cream itself is stuck on the cap.

The doe foot applicator acts like your brush, applying only the right amount of concealer on wherever you want to put it.

But again, me being a little of a hygiene freak... I feel like the doe foot applicator needs to be cleaned every after use as it can sip up all the dirt from your face.

However, with regards to performance: the coverage it provides is moderate at best. Needs to be built up for a fuller coverage. It is, however, more compatible with your BB creams and other Asian make-ups and it is very compatible with most Asian skin tones (from moderate to light, morenas might see this to be a little bright on them). It's also great as an under-eye concealer.

So here's another permanent resident in my kikay kit. How about you guys? What concealers do you have in your kikay kits?



  1. This is a rather unique packaging for a concealer.


  2. Hi Jae, I know right? But it does make it convenient. :)

  3. I usually use another layer of my foundation/bb for concealer but I do mean to get a few to try! It does look and sound quite decent, I totally get what you mean about hygiene, I don't like the thought of the tip always touching my face and not being able to be cleaned properly!

  4. you're right. hygiene wise, it isn't safe to use. bacteria can build up right at the applicator.