Monday, June 09, 2014

Too Cool For School Cool Girls Make-up Workshop at SM North The Block

Hey loves!

A week ago, I went to Too Cool For School's Cool Girls Make-up Workshop at SM North The Block. I love many of the products I've tried from the brand and I'm fond of the edgy look of the brand compared to many Korean makeup brands.

They have this Dinoplatz Pop-up Store near the center of the first floor of The Block where you can also buy some of their products and this is also where the workshop was held.

There were also some pop-up stores in different floors or areas of the mall though they were only there until June 4th.

There were also some promos available during the event.

The workshop was about how to achieve the glowing yet simple Korean makeup look. 

The chief makeup artist of the brand, Raymond Isais, hosted the tutorial.
He taught us a step-by-step procedure on how to create the look using Too Cool For School products. He explained every detail with clarity and he even inserted a few jokes for added entertainment. I can tell that the audience were enjoying the workshop!

The star of the workshop is the new Dinoplatz CC Cream. There are 3 types:

One has a concealer, one has a highlighter, and the last one has a peachy pink blush.
But I will discuss about this product further on a future review post. ;)

Here's the finished look of the makeover during the workshop. I didn't get a "before" look since I was a bit late. But the model sure looks refreshed and very natural! And she's sooo cute too! :D

Here'a picture of the attendees with Raymond and Jarelle!

Of course we had to do a sort of wacky look. :P

Don't you just love the Dinoplatz themed photo wall? It's so quirky and my pink blouse compliments the mint green background!

And finally, the goodies from the press kit I took home are...

A Dinoplatz CC Cream with highlighter

A super duper cute USB with a Dinoplatz design

It can store 8gb!

And some more samples to try. Yayyy!

Also got a product catalogue.

Now I can check out the stuff I'd buy soon! :D

And lastly, a list of all the branches of Too Cool For School! 

Super happy I attended the workshop. I'm glad that Too Cool For School makes this kind of events for their customers. 

It's a great way for kikay girls to know the do's and don't of makeup and skincare and it's a great way for us to learn more about the brand and its products. It's also a way for us to meet new friends that share the same interests. Hope to attend more of the workshops! :D



  1. Too Cool for School really has such quirky designs on its packaging. ;) Sounds like it was a really fun workshop!


    1. It was! I really like the look of TCFS products! It's so different from all the Korean beauty brands I've seen.

  2. I want to attend this kind of workshop too :)

    1. It's fun! You should check their Facebook page where they announce their workshops. Attendance is free too but limited slots only. :)

  3. Ang saya-saya talaga lagi sa TCFS. Jarelle and Raymond are the nicest so nakakaengganyo talaga bumili. I love my Aqua Pudding BB and I just got some fruit packs (mask). Super excited to try!

    1. True! I want the matte powder foundie naman. I think I'll get some masks din next time! :D

  4. This brand just starting selling in singapore but I haven't tried anything. I do like the cutesy packaging but I hope it's not too pricey! That's so awesome that you get to get involved in things like this!

    1. You should try their best sellers! You won't be disappointed!