Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Body Shop Special Edition Body Butter and Body Scrub in Blueberry

Good afternoon ladies,

Today we introduce the newest addition to the collection of body care from The Body Shop. Their special edition products in Blueberry.

The Body Shop's special edition includes: lip butter, shower gel, bath sponge, body lotion, body butter, and body scrub. The only ones that we could get our hands on are the body butter and body scrub.

The blueberry fragrance is a refreshing scent on the body. It's just light and fruity, I am happy that the scent is not strong since I get dizzy of heavy fruity scents. Anyway, as for the hydration, it's not any different as the other body butters from TBS. It's not a favorite of mine to use in this summer heat.

The body scrub however has more microbeads (if that is the term) compared to the others in the body scrub. So it's a really good scrub to use.

The scent lasts for at least two hours on the body but in this weather, it does not last as long. Anyway, it's still a good scrub to use.

Well, I hope you guys try them out. The bath sponge is really cute I think you guys would enjoy using it.



  1. Omg, the scrub looks exactly like a JAM! How adorable! I've always loved their scents and they are amazing but the prices that they sell at in singapore are ridiculous!

  2. I love trying out body scrubs! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, Liz! :)