Saturday, June 28, 2014

Review : Brillante Reve Shining Auto Lip Crayon

Hello dears!

It's been a hot but rainy week here in Manila. The weather is getting crazier every year—one moment the sun is so hot and bright, the next it's all gloomy and wet. Good thing there are pretty makeup goodies to brighten my day! Haha!

I don't usually go for bright colored lipsticks but there's something about this lippie, which I'll be sharing with you in this post, that's just so cute and innocent that I can't stop using it...

 Brillante Reve Shining Auto Lip Crayon
This is Php 320.00 and available online at Serry Mall.

Below are some product descriptions:

The shade I have is the Classic Peach.

 I won't normally pick this kind of shade because it's too light and bright for my liking. I feel like I look very dark when I use this kinds of color. But this was sent for me to be reviewed, so at first I was hesitant to use it. 

 Now I learned to like it because of the different looks I can do with it.

Packaging is simple and it's pretty much like a typical lipstick where you twist the bottom so the bullet would come out. But this is much cuter because it looks like a pencil!

Important details such as date of manufacturing and expiration are labelled on the product.

This is the full length of the lippie.
It's quite long so this may last a while.

 Swatch on hand

I like the pastel-ish warm color. I just love peach!

 Swatch on lips

It's a creamy lippie. That's my first impression. It smells so sweet too. A big plus for me because I like the scent of sweet lipsticks for some reason.

But I find this too creamy that it slides to the lines of my lips. I recommend that your lips are well-moisturized before using this lip crayon. It's not that long-lasting either so reapplication every a couple of hours is necessary.

It has a glossy finish and it has a good pigmentation. You really see the pretty peach color. But like I said before, it's too bright for my liking. So what I do is...

Gradient lips!

I use it as my base then use a darker colored lipstick at the center of my lips and blend them together. I used a red creamy lipstick on the photo above. Doesn't it look cute?

What I LIKE:

- Good pigmentation
- Packaging
- Price
- Glides easily
- Great base for a gradient lips look
- Smells great!


- The shade is too light and bright
-  No physical store yet (I think)

I'd like to try the other shades. Lip Crayons are quite popular these days and this is so far one of the most affordable ones I saw.

So what are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried this one yet?



  1. love the gradient lips effect! this looks like a good product, but I prefer lip crayons that leaves a stain. btw, welcome back from your US trip ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie