Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NOTD : First Time to Try Gel Nail Art

Hey loves!

Only a week left in my US vacation! During my stay in Los Angeles last week, my best friend, Rica, treated me to a nail pampering session at Nail Gardens!

I had a gel nail art manicure and a regular pedi. It's my first time to try gel polish even though it's been popular in the Philippines for months now. I am used to changing my nail polish color weekly so I thought that it wasn't practical to use gel polish. But since I will be in the US for 3 weeks, gel-polished nails are perfect—I won't be worried with my nail polish chipping off.

So this is what my nails currently look like right now.

I got my inspiration from this website

I was a bit worried that the art design would be a bit complicated since the design is lace-like. But I think they did an excellent job with my nails. I can't remember the name of the person who did my nails though (I'm so sorry). But I'm very thankful that he was so nice and he even gave me a $5 off after. 

It's been a week and half now since I got my nails done and they still look perfect! 

For my pedi, I got the color Eiffel In Love With This Color from OPI. Super cute name right? And yeah, I got chubby toes and little toe nails. Lol

And here's a BFF photo after we got our nails done!

Rica got a pink and orange combo gel nail art. It's perfect for the summer in Cali! :D

So that's all for now. I'm excited to share with you my makeup hauls from this trip. I think I bought TOO MUCH makeup. LOL


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