Friday, June 13, 2014

Hair Care for Colored Hair: Pureology

Good evening ladies,

So, I just recently had a huge problem when it came to getting my hair colored. If you would remember parts of my hair were bleached to get that balayage blond look and I kind of somewhat ruined that hair color because I did not use the right shampoo. The same story applies to the time I got my hair blue-blacked, with worse results... the blue black did not last me longer than two weeks and my bleached hair just came back.

So for this treatment, I was determined to find the right shampoo. No, do not believe the commercials about Pantene or Palmolive for colored hair. I tried that when I had my hair blonde and when I had it blue black and I can tell you they do not deliver.

So I asked Rich and she told me to try the ones that L'Oreal makes. Makes sense, since L'Oreal makes hair color dyes so... She said to look for the sulfate-free shampoos which I did. I first tried at the local SM Watsons store near my location, and unfortunately was not able to find it. Next I read up on an old news article about sulfate-free shampoos and found that only salons who carry L'Oreal products sell them. I got mine from David's Salon at Php 1200 (I think... around that price).

Pureology has two formula: one's for silky smooth hair and the other one is for volume. The one I bought is for smooth hair. According to the SA, this is organic. So, what's in this product? It has ZeroSulfate formula and ThermalAntiFade Complex which helps protect your hair against heat as well. So that being said, it is the salon grade product. The shampoo itself works well, it cleans out any oil from the hair, leaves a pleasant fragrance on the hair (reminds me of my hair after a salon treatment), leaves the hair smooth, and lathers and rinses well. 


Also I'd like to add that unlike when I was using the non-sulfate-free shampoos, when I rinsed my hair on the 2nd and 3rd day post coloring, the water was already clear. If you would recall, when I had my hair colored blue black, the rinsed water still colored blue after the 5th day, meaning the shampoo was still probably rinsing off the color. Either that or the salon made a blunder in coloring my hair. I'd rather go for the first option.

Anyway, how is the result?
Here are pictures of my hair day 2 post coloring and week 3 post coloring.
Day 2

Week 3

Day 2

Week 3

So overall, the results were well worth it's price. As you can see, my bleached hair did not come back proof that the color did not wash off. The richness of the color did not change much after 2 weeks - and that's after I went to the beach! - Also the hair does not look dried-up and the color looks natural.

I understand that the shampoo is quite expensive and do not recommend buying it whenever you have your hair colored. I did find a cheaper L'Oreal Sulfate-Free Shampoo - 2 weeks after I bought mine - in SM North Edsa The Block Watsons store and it costs around Php 500 - that's in the same ml with an accompanying conditioner (me and my impulse). I guess it basically works the same but I cannot attest to that well. I suggest buying these products only when you've previously had your hair bleached and are coloring it darker afterwards.

Hope this has helped you. If you want the same product, you can find it in David's Salon and Bench Fix Salons and any other salon which carry the L'Oreal brand.

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