Sunday, June 15, 2014

Canmake: Quick Easy Eyeliner

Good evening ladies,

I'm starting to love Canmake products very much. Here's a short review of their felt tip liquid liner pens.

Canmake's Quick Easy Eyeliner is one of their many eyeliner pens. The product only comes in black though.

Like most eyeliner pens, you have more control when applying. The felt-tip also is not itchy to the eyes and glides easily. The color is intense on first application so no need to layer the product. 


You can apply it as thinly as you want without compromising the intensity black color of the line.

Here's the product info on

The product indeed is smudge proof and stays on for long hours. I did scratch my eyes a few times and the line was still solid.

Here's pictures of my eyeliner after 10 hours. It's not very obvious in the pictures but my lids were already oily during this time but the eyeliner still looks like it was just applied a few minutes ago.

The eyeliner is also water-proof, so if you happen to start crying, don't worry about ugly tear lines. :)

Although the eyeliner is fairly formidable, clean up is easy. You do not need to rub solution again and again just to take it off, just soak your cotton in make-up removing solution, press on to your lids for 30 seconds to a minute and it's cleaned off. 

The price is around Php 500. The only store I currently know off is at Somera store in Glorietta 2.

I do think this will last me a long time and I'm sure I'll be making that trip again to buy again. Have you tried their other eyeliners? How was it?



  1. Looks great! And waterproof! Damn, that photo after the whole day still looks pretty damn good! I've only tried two felt tip peneyeliners before and prefer soft bristle tips more as I find the felt tips tend to get wonky after lots of use!

  2. Hi Sharlynn, I haven't been using this for long so the tip is still good. I'll update you if it gets wonky or not in the coming months. :) I have problems with soft bristle myself as I tend to be poor with controlling them... hehe. :)

  3. How is it compared to Maybelline's Hypersharp? Thanks Dawn! :)

  4. haven't heard of this brand until now! but they sure have pigmented eyeliner! great review :)