Thursday, June 05, 2014

Review: Ellana Amethyst Lip and Cheek Gel

Good evening ladies,

I've always liked dual/multi-purpose make up because they're handy for travel. So here's one I particularly fell in love with, Ellana's Lip and Cheek Gel. This product comes in two colors, Red which is Ruby, and Violet which is Amethyst (currently the only one we have).

If you've used a lip and cheek tint before then you won't be a stranger to this product. But just in case you don't know how to use it, it does come with instructions at the back. And of course, the ingredients used are all natural.

What I really liked about this product is that it comes in a pump. I've always had hygiene issues with other lip and cheek stains as they mostly come in doe foot applicators. I get a little off sometimes when I think of how I dab the same applicator and my cheek and my lip. Plus most of the time, since you use these product more commonly when you're traveling or the office, you don't really have much time to really clean your cheeks before applying. So yeah, I tend to be discouraged at using them.

For this one, however, since it's dispensed in a pump and the size is big enough for it to fit in a small bag, I really find it convenient and sanitary.

As you can see on the picture below, the color of the gel is intensely red.

When smeared as well, the color looks intimidating, however...

it blends out well and looks quite natural when it dries. The only problem is, the gel seems to take a long time to dry up. Also, the stain is quite formidable and would stay on for a really long time; it can even withstand food and drinks. The downside to that is, the tip of my fingers have red stains for a long time as well (unless I wash vigorously/frequently).

Also when applied on the lips, the stain looks quite natural. It mostly reminds me of how my lips look after eating Lipps candies... that's pretty much how they stain.

Here's the whole look with Dawn as the model. See how natural it looks?

Also, for the amount of product it has, one bottle at Php 220 is not so bad. especially when you're really careful at dispensing the product. :)

So in summary, I guess I've found my lazy-day-go-to and travel-friendly make-up.

Hope this has helped you.



  1. It looks great on the lips! I have a hard time evening this out so I've sort of forgotten about it... I think I'll try again.

  2. The flush looks so natural, which is quite surprising given the intensity of the gel itself!