Thursday, September 27, 2012

L.A. Colors 6 Metallic Eyeshadow in Dreamy

 Hello fellow makeup lovers!

Lately, my makeup has been gloomy.
I don't have the time anymore to put on makeup as much as I did before.
I have to leave the house before the clock strikes 6:30 am or else I won't have an FX to ride for work.

And of all the makeup I have to give up, it's the eye makeup! Huhuhu...

I guess it's just the one that takes up a lot of time and besides, my eye lids get too oily after a whole day of work that it smudges all over my lids anyway. I don't get to retouch my makeup at work. :(

This kind of makes me sad since eye makeup is my favorite. Oh well. What makes this situation worse is that I even get some eye makeup freebies from events that I barely get to use now.

L.A. Colors 6 Metallic Eyeshadow in Dreamy 

Here are details of the product:

I barely have any L.A. Colors makeup so I was happy to get this along with great freebies from the event.
I don't even know why I don't have much from this brand considering how affordable it is and the nice reviews it gets from blogs.

 Anyway, I don't like the packaging. I guess it is good that it is see-through so you can see the real colors of the palette but it just looks tacky. I don't think that just because it's an affordable product that it has to have errr... not so pretty packaging.

 Even the label at the back is not properly placed. Oh well.

Anyway, the important thing to any makeup product is the performance or quality of it!

But before I give more of my opinions, here's a close up of the palette:
All so pink and girly!

And here are the swatches on Liz's arm:
(Starting from upper left to lower right)

 It's quite pigmented and it's not powdery. It is quite shimmery/metallic but the glitters are quite fine. They are all easy to blend together as well. The staying power isn't really impressive though. I guess I could blame my stubborn oily eye lids.

So have you tried this palette yet?
How about any L.A. product? Which is your favorite?



  1. Mas bet ko color niyan. Akin yung brown. Di ko pa napicturan. Sabi crease roof all day I am still testing it :) Parehas tayo I gave up makeup in the morning. Haha

  2. The first time I tried LA Colors eyeshadow, it sucked really bad. I hated it; but, I did love their nail polishes. :) I'm not closing my doors though. Still willing to try it.

  3. I never tried L.A. colors, but the palette looks nice (:


  4. really pretty palette and i LOVE it ^_~

  5. Sam - Can't wait to see the one you got. Parang OK din pag neutral palette e.

    Yen - Hit or miss is what most affordable brands are. I don't really love this one but I don't hate it either. :P

    Natalie - This is just one of the few products I have from the brand.

    Janet - The colors are indeed pretty!

  6. Colors are pretty but I agree, the packaging is not pretty at all :(