Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review : Etude House Nail Remover in #4

Hello, ladies and gents! :)

It's a Sunday evening again.... I wish it wouldn't end so soon. I don't want Monday to come yet. Hahaha!

Anyway, today was a fun day for the Peachy Pink Sisters. We attended a fragrance launch earlier which Liz will be blogging about tomorrow so I do hope you wait for that post! ♥

But for tonight, I shall leave you with a quick review of a nail polish remover I discovered a few days ago at work...

Etude House Nail Remover in #4  #4 Dry Nail Moisturizing

A bottle is worth Php278.00

The name is a bit off... Nail remover? Errr... why would I want to remove my nails? 

Here are details of the product at the back of the bottle:

At first, I was intrigued with it since it says it's Acetone-free. I thought, "isn't acetone the one that removes the polish???" It really did made me curious on how it would work.
But when I finally got to use it, I noticed right away that it smells good. Far from the cheap acetone ones you get from drugstores, well, except for the Bobbie ones!
It has an oily consistency unlike the usual nail polish removers that has this cooling effect that evaporates fast.

What impressed me a lot with this product is that it made it easy for me to remove glittery polish. As some of you may have noticed from my previous NOTD's, I have been sporting sparkly nails for a while now. And if you love sparkly nails as much as I do, then I know you know how HARD it is to remove it. But with this pretty little thing, it just takes 1 cotton ball and a few back and forth wiping of the nails!

Though expect some wrinkly fingers afterwards. I guess it is super moisturizing that your fingers look like they have been soaked in water for hours! Haha!

I definitely recommend this to all those nail polish lovers out there! But I believe there are other variants of their nail polish removers that caters to something specific.

Have you tried any EH nail polish removers? 
Which one is your favorite?



  1. Haven't tried this variant but I've tried the other one, yung regular lang. I love it. Smells so nice :D

  2. i like the one in the glass bottle the best.
    have you tried it?
    its been a while since i used EH polish remover but that was the only one that i like among their removers.

    i am using the one from tony moly now & it's good

  3. I'll go give this a try soon..

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  4. I haven't tried EH nail polish remover. :P Medyo pricey siya for me. I'm currently using Caronia Nail Polish Remover. Have you tried that? If yes, which one is better? I do like scented polish removers. :P


  5. sakit sa nails, tangal kasi! :P
    maski yung dry nail - moisturizing kalerkee hahaha

  6. I think I'll try to get this one. Nice review :) Thanks! :)

  7. I already love their regular one, so I have high hopes for this. nice review sis ^_^

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I guess most of you like EH nail polish removers! Might try other variants as well! :D

  9. I've tried their regular pink one and it was awful! Kahit na mahal na mahal ko ang EH, I just had a headache as in literally nung ginamit ko yun >.< Nice review though! ♥ Kaso parang mejo ang mahal hahahhaa XD I mean compared to regular nail polish removers with acetone XD

    PS - yeah, mejo off nga yung name. minsan kasi ganyan mga korean translations into english XD