Friday, September 21, 2012

The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Concentrate

Hello ladies,
We've been a little late in posting stuffs this week and we'd like to apologize for that. We've been really busy lately and today as well so, for now we'd like to leave you with our little review(-ish) of The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Concentrate
As I've said before, this is my favorite freebie from The Body Shop since it has toning and spa in it's name.

Here's what the product promises you, and instructions on how to use. Unfortunately the Spa Fit massage technique booklet (if there is one) does not come with the product.

Love the packaging since it's clean and dispenses cleanly as well.

Love the consistency and the smell. It's citrusy so it gives you that 'ZING!' everytime you smell it.

After application, it leaves a warm feeling to the skin.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use this for a very long time. The longest use I've done was about a month. Unfortunately, I wasn't really able to notice any difference in tone (visibly). I've applied it to my most troubling areas, thigh and tummy, and all I got was just this really silky smooth feel to the skin and less of the visible toning.
Now I'm not really sure what their standard of toning is, but for my standards, no, I did not notice any. However, I do still wanna try this for when I go to the masseuse and get some good old massage. I wonder if the results would change.
In summary:
What I like:
consistency of the product
What I don't like:
does not seem to live up to its promise
Well, that's my one month experience with this product. How about you? Have you tried this or any other toning lotions/oils before?


  1. i'm loving the packaging but too bad it does't work as promise..T___T

  2. Hi Liz! Thanks for the review~! I'm sorry bout it not living up to its promise >.< But the product looks like a jam spread hehe, looks really yummy! ♥

  3. Ang cute ng packagingggggggggggg!

    And sayang naman that it didn't work as promised. :(

  4. Thanks guys... It's a good substitute for oils and lotions when you plan on getting a massage. It's not sticky and not slippery. :)