Sunday, September 16, 2012

Event : Maven Magazine's Beyond the Blush at Glorietta 3

 Hi lovelies!

Yesterday was a blast for the sisters during Maven Magazine's Beyond the Blush event!
We weren't able to go to the first one so we made sure we attended this one!

They've prepared a lot for the smart, real and sexy mavens that attended! There were workshops, free makeovers, food and of course, freebies and raffled prizes!

 To enter the event, you can preregister for a sure loot bag but walk-ins are also welcomed. You just need to bring the August-September issue of the magazine.

 We didn't have a copy yet (so sorry... huhu) good thing there's a stall there where you can buy it! :D

We almost didn't make it to the event because of the heavy rains. There was flood in most of the streets near us and we had to wait 'til the roads are passable. We were late but we still got to listen to most of the talks prepared which is good. Only downside is... we had to stand. Boo hoo. :P
Lots of mavens listening and even taking notes from the workshops!

The event was hosted by Ms. Bianca Roque. She was really pretty and bubbly. We're loving her dress! :D

There were free snacks too that we enjoyed during the workshops! 

Cupcakes from Sweet Patti Cakes

and Wine from Manny O.
When we arrived, the event was already at the beauty talk part from Benefit Cosmetics.
 They gave beauty tips on how to create a simple, yet pretty look!

 They even showed how to groom the brows and enhance the rest of our face to create that fresh and gorgeous glow!

 Next talk was about skincare from Prime Skin Asia. It's so important to take care of our skin! It's the biggest organ in the body and it also acts as an armor so let's make sure that it gets the proper care it deserves! Why not pamper it with products that are good for our skin like Nivea?
 And money-saving tips were also discussed! We liked that it was included in the talks because we really need to save up!

 And finally, more beauty talk and makeovers from The Face Shop! They taught us how to do day and night looks in a KPop-like way!

During and after the workshops, we roam around and look at the other stalls present in the event.

So many brands were there - from makeup to skincare!

We visited one of our favorite brands

 Snoe Beauty!

 We're currently loving their products right and we can't get enough of them! If we had the money, we would have bought every product they had! :P

 They even gave Liz a free brow makeover!

 Liz getting a brow pampering.

 And here's Liz with a better frame for her face because of her perfectly groomed brows!

And lastly, we got our pics taken at the Beautrition Booth! Milk. Milk everywhere!

And we also hung-out with our blogger friends! Yayyy!! We got to meet Sam and Nicole for the first time and it felt like we've known each other for so long!

 Sam, Nicole and Liz

 Sam, Nicole, Helen, Liz and Dawn with our Maven loot bags!

We all went happy because we really did enjoyed the event! There were tons we talked about and learned, and tons of freebies to take home!

 Here are the items inside the loot bag

 Nivea goodies

 Samples from Kiehl's, L'Oreal and Fruits and Passion

 Bath goodies from Snoe Beauty and Biopha.

 Products to enhance our beauty from LA Colors, Suesh, Human Nature, Ever Bilena and The Body Shop

 Hair stuff from Goody Philippines

 Yummy chocolate drink from Athena

 And sachets of different skin care regime from The Face Shop

Phew! Super lots of freebies, huh? The sisters are uber happy! Haha!
Thank you so much for these, Maven and all the sponsors! :D

Dawn still went shopping at the event too!
 Human Nature Balancing Toner and Facial Wash. These are good for oily skin! They gave us huge discounts on the items too. Thanks! :D

And we bought a Milea Mineral Make-up Mattifier too. They were offering a buy 1 take 1 promo that we took advantage of. So we got 2 of these for the price of 1!

After that, we grabbed dinner and went home with a happy loot bag and a happy stomach.
Super enjoyed the event and we hope for another event from Maven! ♥



  1. is this a monthly thing for maven? i know they had one din recently lang eh (which i got to attend).. i want to go again next time ;D

  2. The Milea Mattifier looks pretty interesting ^_~

  3. Oooh, I bet ang saya saya dun. Lalo ang daming freebies! ♥ Hahaha! ^^