Sunday, September 09, 2012

Review : Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in #4 Sheer Shiny Skin

Hello gorgeous!

Time for a review post!

I was looking around my stash for what else I could blog about and found this...

I actually got this as a freebie months, months, months ago when I bought stuff from Etude House, SM Mall of Asia (when they only have it at the department store only).
This is only a sample size.

The standard size is around 60g and is worth Php798.00.

Info about the product:
It has SPF 30 / PA ++.

Even though I've had this product for a long while, I barely use it since I am not fond of its sheer and sparkly finish. But I love using this on my friends who have nice, fair skin whenever I do their makeup.

It has an incredibly nice smell. I super love how it smells. It's quite mild so I don't think it would be annoying to those who dislike their products having scents. Consistency is a bit thinner than most of the BB creams I've tried. But it is so easy to blend on skin.

It gives a shiny, shimmery, dewy finish on my skin. This BB cream is packed with very fine glitters. The coverage is very sheer and trying to build it up doesn't really do much.

Here's the product applied on my face.
It's feels so light on skin. My face is all shimmery and dewy looking. 
Personally, I don't like the its finish on me, but when I use it on my friends who have better skin than I do, they look so ethereal! 

I top it off with powder foundation and of course I have concealer too since this BB Cream is quite sheer.

Here's what I look like with full makeup posing with my goofy bro.

And after 10 hours, I only blotted my oiliness off around 2-3 times and no touch ups and...

It's still there!

Really good staying power, eh? 
And for the few times I've used it, I haven't encountered any breakout or irritation. 

Overall, I like it! Just not on me... Haha!
I still prefer those that have minimal or no glitters at all.
But anyway, for a BB Cream that has 60g for only P798, it's quite sulit na. This BB Cream also have other variants that have a different finish each.

Have you tried this BB Cream yet? How about other Etude House BB Creams?



  1. The only turn offs for me with this product is the fact that it has sparkles/glitter which will make my t-zone look like a grease pan for sure, and the fact that the coverage is sheer (does it manage to cover up pores though?) since I prefer at least a medium kind of coverage which I can still build up...

  2. Ganda ng finish Dawn. Natry ko na yung #1 nyan pero matte naman yun. Medium coverage naman yun sa face ko. I want a dewy finish din, does the number ba on etude's BB cream means the shade?

  3. Wow! You looks so radiant, sis! :) Glowing ang skin! Might get this and actually try it out! Love the review, thanks!! :)

    The Misty Mom

  4. etude house really has amazing bb creams! i love how that looks like it has a highlighter finish :D

  5. I use number 2 dito, the Sheer Glowing Skin variant.
    I wanna try the new one (well, not-so-new anymore), the one Minho is holding. Haha!

  6. you should try sheer silky skin it has less glitters :)

  7. Thanks for the review! I have the other version of this! ^^ And I like mine better since it gives medium coverage ^^ Whenever I'd want a dewy glow, I just dust off minimal powder ^^ Hihi! ♥

  8. Ari - Same. i don't like glitters on my face but for those people with great skin, this looks amazing on them!

    Kath - I believe they have different finish for every number. The shades also vary though. Kasi iba iba ata coverage. This one is really sheer.

    Shari - you're very welcome. Hope you like it when you get to try it! :)

  9. Czjai - Madami nagsasabi maganda daw yung #2? Ito pa lang natatry ko sa mga EH BB creams e. :P

    theworldofJangC - Thanks for the tip. I'd actually go to the no glitter ones to be honest. Haha. I just got this because it is a freebie. :P

    valerie - nice to know the other variants work well too. :D

  10. I actually have this BB Cream I loved pero after trying out other foundations and now, tinted moisturizers, mas prefer ko na sila kesa BB Creams :)

  11. i think it looks good din naman sayo eh ;) i also have a bb from etude house, but from another line :)

  12. Thank you so much for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on gfc.
    Do you also follow me on bloglovin???
    Let me know follow you then back again.:-)

  13. Gellie - Ah. Same kayo ng sis ko. She bought a lot of BB Creams but sold them eventually kasi she preferred foundations pa din. :P

    Hazel - I do think pretty naman yung product but wala siyang oil control and I am very oily and added sparkles doesn't help! Haha!

    Circle of Chaoes - followed you! :D

  14. I once tried a bb cream from Skin 79 and I didn't know it has a sparkling effect so when I went out and in the sun my brother ask me if I put silver dust on my face cuz' my face is super glittery >_<" Though it looks nice when attending to night parties..standout ang fez! ^_~