Monday, September 10, 2012

My Frizz Free Finish Experience! My First Try on Keratin Complex (PART 2)

 Hello again, lovelies!

This is part 2 of my 
My Frizz Free Finish Experience! My First Try on Keratin Complex!
To be specific, I had the Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment.
Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to get the treatment at Smooth and Straight Salon in Makati. Read Part 1 of this post in order to check out what happened during my treatment session. :)

For part 2, I will share with you my hair's state 3 days after the treatment when I finally got to wash my hair!

As mentioned in part 1, they gave me these Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner for maintenance. I used this immediately as soon as I was allowed to wash my hair. The relief I felt when I finally got to wash my hair was unexplainable. I really don't like the feeling when my hair is all oily. Haha! But I was also excited to see what my hair will be like when it dries!

They recommended their clients to wash their hair with products that are sodium chloride and sulfate free so these two are just fit for the job!

But before I proceed to the results, I got the chance to ask a few more questions to Joy, sales assistant of Zulusibs, Inc. She told me more specifically what the treatment is all about.
"Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing  Treatment. It is a specially formulated revitalizing and rejuvinating treatment that reduces frizz and curl. This advance formulation smoothes hair by  infusing 40% hydrolized natural  keratin deep into the damaged cuticle. It is a smoothing treatment and NOT a chemical straightener.  It leaves the hair softer, smoother, shinier and more manageable."

Take note that it is not a chemical straightener. I would apologize for comparing it to rebonding or relaxing in my part 1 post. I was told that it wasn't anything like rebonding since it really wouldn't straighten my permed hair but will smoothen it. Though they did say that it will lessen the curls which is quite alright with me since I've had my curls for almost a year now and planning to re-do them eventually.

My hair was just very straight after treatment because of the flat iron used on it so that the heat from the iron can make the bond between my hair and the treatment better.

 So remember my hair after the treatment, all straight and shiny? 

Here it is now...
 Under fluorescent with natural lighting from the window. I wanted to take a picture under natural lighting but it started raining when I was taking pictures. But it still captured the color of my hair so I guess this will do. :)

 My hair is still shiny and there is less frizz! Yayyyy! I still have my curls which is good since I like my thin hair with volume!

These pics were taken under full fluorescent lighting.

By the way, I didn't use any setting products on the pictures.

 So here are my before and after pictures of my hair. In both pictures, my hair is curling mousse-free.

If it wasn't clear enough in my first post, I am super loving my hair. It's softer, shinier, and healthier! It also retained the volume I wanted it to. I have thin hair so I was really worried that the treatment might make my hair looking flat (that would make my face look bigger)! Good thing it didn't! It actually made it look more volumized and lighter!

I'd definitely want to continue having the treatment on my hair since they said that my hair will actually get better and healthier the more I get it. My only concern is... the price. I don't think I have the financial capacity to get this every 3-5 months. I really wish I were a billionaire... well, a millionaire won't hurt too. :P

 So that's all for my 2 part posts. I would like to thank Smooth and Straight Salon and Keratin Complex Philippines for this awesome experience! They've been really nice and accommodating to all my queries. 'Til next time!

If you want more info on Keratin Complex or about Straight and Smooth Salon, here are their pages:
You can also check their newest brand, The Macadamia Natural Oil, through their Website.

You can contact Straight and Smooth Salon here:
Upper Ground Floor, Vernida 1 Condominium, 120 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, 1200 Makati
(02) 759 5105

 Have you tried any of the Keratin Complex Treatments?
What do you think of it? Share your experience as well!



  1. Your hair doesn't look thin at all D; It looks shiny and thick actually :)

  2. Nice, it really does look frizz free :)

  3. Anna - Thanks! I'm happy it looks like that. :D

    Kitten - Yayyy! Thanks! :D

  4. Ganda nang hair mo and I agree with Anna Ho, it really looks thick naman ^^ ang shiny shiny pa! ^^

    1. It only looks like it but it's not. Haha! Thanks! :D

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