Monday, September 24, 2012

Early Birthday Gifts from my Aunt

Hi everyone!

 Last Saturday, my aunt took me to a place where they buy fab accessories in super low prices!

No... it's not in Divisoria... But I swore to my aunt and cousin that I won't tell a soul about this shop to avoid it getting super crowded like in Divi.

My aunt gave me a budget to splurge on whatever items I like from the place...

So without further a do... here are the items I got!

Starting with the rings:

 Targaryen Ring as I call it. Too much Game of Thrones!

And of course, Headbands:

Bangles and bracelets:

And finally, the necklaces:

Yayyyy! Aren't they super nice?
Super love them all! Can't wait to wear all of them! Of course, not all at once. Hahaha!

Thank you so much, T'heart, for the shopping experience and these fabulous gifts!

Tomorrow's my birthday BTW... And I'm not really excited. Partly because I feel old but mostly because I will spend my day getting my SSS I.D. and some clearances for work. :P



  1. happy birthday dawn! God Bless :)

  2. whoa that's a lot! and they're really pretty too!

  3. Happy birthday!accesories is good to kick a simple outfit:)

  4. Happy, happy, happy birthday, dear Dawn! ^__^

    May you be showered with plenty of blessings on the next chapter of your life! ^__^

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Dawn!
    I just hate that you swore not to tell anyone about this store! Haha! XD But is this somewhere in Quiapo??? ^^