Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Joined : Lucy's Stash: 2 Year Bloggiversary

Lucy's Stash is now on her 2nd year! And to show her appreciation to her readers, she'll be hosting this amazing giveaway!!!

"I cannot believe that it will be TWO years since I started my blog! Just for fun I went to my blog archive and found first few months and looked at the pictures...OH MY GOD, they were so lame :D And my short nails? And the shape? :D :D :D  I really changed a lot in past two years. So...

As a huge thank you to all readers, subscribers and supporters, I'm holding a
2 Year Bloggiversary Giveaway! Thank you thank you thank you for reading my posts, for your lovely words in comments and interacting with me on Facebook (I have Twitter but don't really use it for interaction...any tips?)"

There will be three prizes and three winners in this giveaway.

For complete details and mechanics about this giveaway, 

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