Saturday, January 07, 2012

Experimenting with Scissors and Liz's Hair


During the Christmas Break, my bestfriend, Liz, whom I experiment a lot on when it comes to makeovers and such, slept-over to our house to help me with some artworks.
 We do a lot of weird stuff when one of us sleeps over to ones house and during that night, I experimented on her hair! =)) 

I got to cut her hair! Haha!
I was actually doing a makeover on her with a lot of eyeliner. I thought it would look better if she had full bangs. She has a wide forehead so it will really frame her face and accentuate the eyes more. She already tried having full bangs before but her hair was so used to be in a certain manner that the directions of her hair strands kept going on the same place.

It is actually my second time to cut one's hair besides myself (I've cut my bangs before when I got a really bad haircut from a salon before). My first time was also on Liz when we were doing the Holly Golightly makeover. I cut her bangs too short good thing I didn't cut too much of it, else she'd be really mad. We were able to remedy it anyway.
But now I can't believe Liz is still game with the idea of me cutting her hair again. She just said she 'trusts' me. Haha!

Here's a before and after pic of her hair
(I did her makeup in both pictures... and yes, I love playing with eyeliners)

Here are more photos of my little experiment:

Somehow it's a success. It wasn't too short and at least I was able to cut it wherein there is no huge gap between her bangs much unlike her experience before. There's still some area that needs fixing though. I'll have to ask my classmate who's such a pro on cutting hair for tips! :P

What do you think of my little experiment? Do you think Liz looks better with full bangs?



  1. Hi Dawn, great job at the hair styling! You should consider cosmetology and hair styling, you're a natural! ^_^ I hope you could interview your friend who's a pro at cutting hair for tips in trimming one's own hair. :)



  2. thanks for cutting my hair... it's easier to look chic now even without make up. haha! :)

  3. You're very welcome, Liz! You know naman that I am already happy when I make someone prettier! :P

  4. I honestly wish I could get awesome bangs too but since my hair is curly...yeah you can imagine.

    Visit my makeup blog!

  5. Aww... Yeah, I have friends with curly hair who has the same problem. Well, to make you feel better, I have straight hair but I like it curly and have to get it permed. :P