Saturday, January 28, 2012

NOTD: Lilac Pearl

 Hey lovelies!

Recently, I've been having problems with my posts not showing in the blog rolls both in other bloggers' and mine. The last one that I can see was my post regarding an EOTD and the next 3 posts aren't showing up! Really made me sad that no one was commenting at any of my posts... except about the giveaway. :(

I just hope that it's all fixed...
Anyhoooo... I would like to share an NOTD.
I've been looking for a pearlish nail polish that is either purplish or pinkish that would look great on my nails! Because usually, they make my nails look dead. 
But not anymore! I finally found one!!!

 It's a nail polish from San San called Lilac Pearl!

It's light and pearly but the purplish shine still makes my nails look healthy!
I'm sooo loving it! :D

 And just yesterday, I bought some falsies...

 1 set from E.L.F. Cosmetics worth Php129.75 and 2 from Shawill worth Php59.00.
I thought of practicing putting falsies for my future creative looks I've been planning to do with my friends. :D 
Super looking forward to that day! I have lots of looks in-store for my friends and to you lovely readers! Hope you check it out when I blog about it soon!



  1. the color looks stunning! awww love the falsies especially the elf one.

    love reading your blog.

  2. Thanks rhea! Glad to know you like our blog.
    Can't wait to use the falsies! :D

  3. Check out the cheapo natural falsies in Landmark Trinoma! Just by the escalator, beside the nail polish stall! I love their falsies!

    Nice notd :) Great find!

    PS, I posted up a new vid. Check it out if you haven't yet! :D


    My Makeup Blog | YouTube

  4. Crissy, I will definitely check those out when I go to trinoma! Thanks for the tip! :D