Sunday, January 08, 2012

Review: Nivea Lipbalms

Hey girls!

Chapped Lips. Don't you just hate that? 
And since the weather is getting cooler recently, our lips can get a little chappy at times.
That's why I always bring a trusty lip balm with me at all times!

I've tried quite a number of lip balms. Some were good but some weren't.
  How do I determine which lip balm is good? Well here are the most important features of any lip balm for me: 

♥  Its scent (I don't like overpowering ones)
♥  Not too buttery or slippery on the lips

And all of these characteristics are present in these little tubes from the NIVEA Lip care.

These tubes were sent to us to review. I've tried all of them and also asked some trusted friends to try them out as well to get their opinions.

Here's what we all think about the these products:


  • It moisturizes.
  • It's a good base for lipsticks. The colors aren't too loud and it's not too glossy.
  • The scent is there but not over-powering.
  • It comes in different flavors!
  • It very affordable. Around Php100 or less.
  • It's highly available in Watsons and leading supermarkets and drugstores.
  • Cute packaging. Very easy to carry around.

        • Nothing so far. :P

I've also provided individual swatches for each tubes. Some have added feed backs too. I've also put the ingredients and what the product promises to give.

My sis is currently using this one.

Her feed back: It's really a good lip balm. It prevents dry lips and acts as a good base for lipsticks. It performs well but I don't consider it a potential HG lip balm.
It gives a dark red shimmer on the lips


My Feed Back: I love its rosy scent. I love the scent of roses! :)

It gives a sheer pink shimmer on my lips.


My feed back : Probably my favorite of the 4. I love strawberry lip balms and the sheer red color makes my lips look healthy!

It gives a sheer red shimmer on the lips.


My bestfriend, Liz, is currently using this.

Her Feed Back : It makes my lips look pale and very shimmery so i don't think I can wear it alone and without other makeup. I guess it would suit women with fairer skin.

It's gives a very shimmery pale pink color on my lips

There you go!

If you are interested to know more about Nivea's Lip care line or other products for that matter, you can visit their: 

 Have you tried NIVEA's lip balms yet?



  1. I love Nivea Lip Balms~!
    I have to say, Strawberry is my favorite as well~! I always use it! it's always within reach :)
    I remember you telling me that saliva(licking your lips) mad your lips more dry than moist~!
    So I've always been using nivea every time I feel my lips drying <3

  2. Oops~ Yuki here by the way <3

  3. Hey Yuki!! Glad to know that I gave you a helpful tip and that the product is working well for you! Cheers! :D

  4. The Nivea Soft Rose Lip balm is the perfect base for pink lipstick. I hardly need lipgloss if I use this product under my lipstick. Great review Dawn! ^_^



  5. Thanks, Iya! So true because of the shimmer it brings to your lips! :)

  6. I have it in Passion Fruit! I hate the shimmer variety though. Feels gritty.

    Visit my makeup blog!

  7. Hey Chriselle! I least like the one with shimmering particles as well just because I am into matte lipsticks right now. :P

  8. Hmm, always taken these for granted but might try them out now. Thanks for the tip!

  9. great review and swatches!! love nivea lipbalm in strawberry