Thursday, January 26, 2012

Of Fake Chinky Eyes and Full Red Lips and My New Journal

 Good day, Ladies!

As promised, I made an FOTD about how I wore my Chinita EOTD with red lips.
If you haven't seen the post yet, it's about lining your eyes in a way that it would look elongated and less round.

 This picture was taken early in the morning before school which started at 7am.
Still sleepy.

 Makeup Used:

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Dual Primer
 Guerlain Parure Pearly White Fluid Foundation in 03
In2it Oil Control 2-way foundation in warm beige
 Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in Brown 
Etude House Color My Brows in 3
Urban Decay Book of Shadows III UDNYC
Ever Bilena Eye Liner Pencil in Brown
Ever Bilena Liquid Eyeliner in Black 
Shu Uemura Lash Curler
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wine With Everything
Pop Beauty Cheeky Cake in Beach Beauti
I do love what makeup can do to my face. At least it makes me feel that I still look human. I do look like a walking zombie without it.

That's what my eyes look like now without the makeup!! Those dark circles and those puffy eye bags... and look at those red veins showing all over the white areas of my eyes! EEEK!

I've been so stressed with all the things I do for my thesis. I barely have sleep, my eyes are all red  and my body is always sore. Not to mention the large amount of money I've spent getting my illustrated book printed, getting my collaterals made so I have my prototypes and also getting my ads printed as well.

 To get some stress off, I bought a cute sketch pad. 
Drawing is my passion. It makes me feel relaxed when I have the chance to pour my creativity on a paper. ♥

 I also personalized it. It was only a big pink sketch book when I bought it. I was fine with it at first but I was annoyed because it tends to get dirty quickly. So I covered it with cute flower patterned paper! :P

And for my first sketch -- a self portrait! Haha! 
Still vain as always!
I also put some quotations that I find helpful to myself during the time I was doing a sketch.
And it just made me realize that I should make that sketchpad a 'visual' journal. I sketch and put certain words or sayings that mean a lot to me. 
I've already done another sketch and it's regarding my thesis. Can't post it yet though. I haven't uploaded anything about my thesis just yet!



  1. OMG, i love your sketches! you are so talented!!! I'm jealous!

  2. Wow... wih I could draw half as well as you! What course are you taking up? Good luck with your thesis, I know how hellish it can be!


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  3. Thanks, Crissy! :) Taking up advertising arts under the college of fine arts in UST. :D

  4. You call that a sketch???????

    That's so beautiful, what talent you have :)

  5. You are indeed a talented young woman :) love your sketches!

  6. Awww... Thanks, everyone! :D
    Glad you appreciate what I do! :D