Monday, November 01, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kath Tries the QiVitality Massage!

Kath/Kaye is a close friend from college. Thank you! - Trace

For so long I've been battling with stress in my everyday work and school load and unfortunately relaxation is one of the luxuries in life I can't enjoy due to time constraint. The month end reports and final exams drive me nuts and my stress level finally reached its limits that I have to find a way on how to relieve myself from it without burning my pocket. There came Tracy's invitation to try on Qiwellness' Qivitality. Who would say no to such an enticing invitation? Anyway, it's bad to say no to birthday gifts. =) Tracy has been one of my closest friends in college and knowing her for such a long time convinced me that this massage that she's offering me is really worth my time.

We met at KFC in Makati Avenue one Sunday to try this relatively new spa in Salcedo Village which by the way is just near my school. I told her that I know the place though I haven't been in that spa before. We braved the heat of the sun and walked for what seemed like forever and finally reached our destination -- Qiwellness. It's just a small place not typical for a spa. I got used to spas that are cozy and with dim lights as if inviting you to sleep but this particular spa is very much different. It's well lighted and the walls, pavements and floor are all white. It's clean and very relaxing.

The interior was simple, not clogged with ornaments. At the back of my mind, I'm guessing that that must be the philosophy of the owner -- simplicity. We were accommodated by a pretty and cheerful receptionist who happens to be our fellow Thomasian in the lounge and from there the fragrance of lemon grass filled my sense of smell. It was very much pleasing not only to my eyes but also to my nose. Instrumental music was played all over the place -- soothing my ears and calming my mood as if preparing me for the massage I'm about to experience.

The owner of the spa came to us and explained each of the signature massages that they offer. He presented them and I must say, he's a genius. He practically knows what to offer to each of his clients depending on their needs. The idea of the services that they offer was simple - a personalized experience catering not only to the sense of touch but also to the other senses. That cleared my thoughts and verified my guess. This guy in front of us thought of the whole package as if he knows each and everyone of his clients by heart, giving them an excellent experience not dictated by the menu of the spa but a customized service.
I tried the Qivitality which is designed to relieve stress in the body by applying pressure in the affected areas. The experience was heavenly. I was warned that I won't be able to sleep during the process as it also included different stretching of the arms and legs but believe me, I was half awake during the massage because it's very relaxing. I love the variations of the strokes -- long and hard to short, smooth strokes. The pressure in each of my body parts was different too and that definitely made the difference. The massage was made for me, catered to my needs and relieved my stress by applying just the right pressure.

After the massage, I was offered to take a sip of lemon grass tea while waiting for Tracy. I just said to myself, this is the right spa for me. I am very thankful that Tracy invited me to experience the Qivitality massage at Qiwellness. I told her that I'll definitely refer the place to my manager and my colleagues. I wanted them to feel pampered as well. =)

Thanks Tracy for the wonderful gift you've given me - relaxation and good health.=) I hope this will be repeated in the near future! *wink wink*

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  1. There is nothing better than body to body massage therapy.